While there are a number of new enhancements with the release of the most recent version of its web content management software Site Manager 9.0, Bitrix (news, site) has focused this time around on providing better security to underline its own claim that it is the most secure Web CMS on the market.

Central to the security upgrades is the improved security framework PRO+PRO, which contains a new web anti-virus module that ensures that malicious code that has become ‘stuck’ to enterprise websites is not distributed across the company’s client list.

It also comes with detection and disinfection capabilities, automatic purging of infected code, integrity controls and embedded back-up that greatly improves website security while minimizing downtime and generally protecting the reputation of the client company.

Bitrix and SMBs

Given that Bitrix has placed itself firmly in the SMB space and increasingly SMBs are depending on their website not just for marketing, but also for e-commerce, it was probably a good call to focus on security with this release.

That said, while pricing of the basic Web CMS makes it accessible for even home users and comes with a substantial range of functions even at the basic level, it does have seven different editions with the Ultimate edition priced at around US$ 10,000 and capable of providing a scalable e-commerce platform that is suitable not just for small businesses but for enterprises as well.

Bitrix says that with this release there are over 100 new features and improvements that will ensure that all the other 30 or so modules that users can pick and choose from when building their web platform are completely secure.

Site Management v9.0

However v9.0 is not all about security and like previous versions has introduced a number of features that are designed to make web content management accessible to all. In this version these new features include:

Turnkey Websites

For companies that either don’t have an online presence -- is this possible?! -- or for those that are looking to change the look or feel of their sites, Site Manager 9.0 also comes with an extensive array of turnkey websites that can become the company’s website over night.

Bitrix 9.0_Turnkey websites.jpg

Bitrix Site Manager v9.0 turnkey websites

These new turnkey websites provide content templates for just about any business that requires an online face, be that corporate websites or community websites where investment in IT and web design would not be a high budget priority, and can be installed in a matter of hours using wizards that are provided with v9.0.

Simplified Lists

It has also introduced Simplified (Common) Lists that enable users to manage record-based data in the front-end of the company website. This means that users can manage, for example, suppliers' directories, product catalogs and contacts from the front end.

Bitrix 9.0_Simplified lists.jpg

Simplified Lists

Grid Modelling

Related to this and also available in this version is the support for grid-modelling, which is designed to create business-specific functionality.

Designed to help companies create custom cataolgs, inventories, contact management and directories, this functionality is also integrated into the business process management element of the site with the result that all processes can be automated and all data consolidated into those processes.

Performance Enhancements

The final major upgrade in this version and one that will give added appeal for medium-to-large enterprises is that it has gone through a major performance optimization enhancement to ensure that heavily loaded websites work better and faster.

Bitrix_Perfromance Enhancement module.jpg

Bitrix Site Manager v9.0 Performance Enhancement module

To do this, Bitrix has introduced better caching, database interaction and performance indicators with Site Manager 9.0, now capable of serving up to 4 million unique visitors every day while at the same time maintaining workable response times.

Again, like in previous versions, all modules, add-ons and templates are available on the Bitrix market place, which is also open to third-party modules that have been stress tested for security. The basic edition of v9.0 costs just US$ 249 while registered users with subscriptions are entitled to a free update.

If you want to know more there's a video you might want to see.