Bridgeline Revs iAPPS SaaS Platform, Focuses on B2B Commerce, Search
Bridgeline (news, site) updates iAPPS to version 4.5 with improved search and commerce features for better business.

On the back of record sales and acquisitions, Bridgeline continues to beef up its web engagement management offering with the latest update to iAPPS. With additional B2B focus including links to users' enterprise resource planning and order workflows, it rounds out the offering for those with larger software environments.

iAPPS is a package of tools that caters for content management, e-commerce and analytics, offering services for those with online stores, portals, information sites and intranets. iAPPs has a good pedigree and picked up a CoDIE award for best content management solution back in the summer.

Strengthening Commerce

Most of the work has gone into iAPPS commerce to bolster the store and B2B features. For a start, the data relationships between products has been changed, offering cross- and up-sell automation. This will make it easier to get visitors buying related associated items. Buyers can also rate and leave moderated comments on products, giving it an Amazon-like feel and encouraging further interaction.


Encourage and manage user comments in the new iAPPS 4.5

On the back-end, iAPPs now has icons that will take users to site content wherever it lives in iAPPS with a one-click jump. Search is integrated seamlessly with iAPPS and is proving highly useful in the ecommerce environment.

A Better Search

The ISYS (itself a major player in the knowledge management space) search feature is implemented across the suite. It allows for federated search, drill down practical search (finding items based on price or type) and improved user search. It also provides better information for admins. For example, a powerful new report into Analytics, Internal Site Search shows, in real-time, what site visitors are searching for. So users can spot a trend of visitors searching your online store for a certain product and if you don't have it -- you can start stocking it!


Searching offers a wider range of results categories and admin features

iAPPS Does It All

While the package looks like a serious step up in performance and features, pricing remains the same. Tours and demos are available on the site. If you like the ideas that iAPPS offers but don't have the staffing, the company also offers design services.