CMSWires Top 10 Hits of 2014 Web CMS

It’s been a year of drama for the Web CMS space — or at least a fourth quarter of drama – with rumors aplenty at year-end around Ektron sales and mergers and news of Drupal’s “highly critical” security flaw.

Some of these stories made CMSWire’s Top 10 list for the year, but we had lots more to report about Web CMS, including trends, new players and myths about the world’s leading open-source CMS.

A Sample of Popular Posts

1) Noreen Seebacher cuts through the rumors around Ektron’s “stunningly disappointing end” in Once Red Hot Ektron Reportedly Sells for Paltry Sum. Tweet to Noreen Seebacher.

From modest beginnings in 1999, Ektron grew rapidly to generate $42 million in revenues on $49 million of sales by 2010. But a series of what appear to be strategic missteps culminating in the departure of Ed Rogers turned the trajectory of the company from up to down.

2) Michael Uzquiano explains that Web Content is Obsolete because it makes it difficult for businesses to reuse content across non-browser and non-screen devices. Tweet to Michael Uzquiano.

The problem is web content. Web content is a mixture of content and web presentation elements like HTML, images, CSS and other display assets. It’s good for the browser. But it makes no sense in a world where nobody uses a browser anymore.

3) Dom Nicastro discusses WCM Magic Quadrant shifts in Small Fish Makes Big Leap in Gartner's WCM Rankings. Tweet to Dom Nicastro

Acquia made the biggest leap in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management (WCM) this year, jumping from a ‘visionary’ to a ’leader’ in a web software space packed with giants.

4) Michael Uzquiano writes about the importance of separating content from presentation in Goodbye Mobile Apps, Hello Multi-Device Experiences.Tweet to Michael Uzquiano.

Mobile is meaningless. Every device is mobile and everyone is always on the move. No single surface is ever always on or always in front of your audience.

5) Dom Nicastro and Noreen Seebacher team up to report on how a Serious Drupal Flaw May Have Compromised Thousands of Sites. Tweet to Dom Nicastro or Noreen Seebacher.

Thousands of websites running one of the world's most popular open source web content management systems (CMS) may have been compromised by a ‘highly critical’ security flaw.

6) Scott Brinker zooms in on the details of “the category that started it all” in 9 Key Facts about Web CMS in the Marketing Technology Landscape. Tweet to Scott Brinker.

CMS is arguably the only required category in the entire landscape. You can build a business without a marketing automation platform, but everybody needs a website.

7) Tom Murphy introduces readers to a new CMS designed for building personalized SharePoint sites in Can Akumina Make SharePoint a Web CMS Contender? Tweet to Tom Murphy

The Nashua, N.H.-based company recently introduced InterChange, a suite of role-based authoring and site management tools designed to give marketing teams control over SharePoint sites.

8) Benjamin Reif-Caplan debunks the top six myths about the world’s leading open-source CMS in So You Think You Know WordPress. Tweet to Benjamin Reif-Caplan.

When it comes to content management, WordPress has had an unjustly tarnished reputation. At this point, it’s clear that the alleged deficiencies of this CMS aren’t unique and that WordPress is actually better suited to address them than many other options.

9) Tjeerd Brenninkmeijer shares his seven key Trends in Web Content Management From #jboye14. Tweet to Tjeerd Brenninkmeijer .

The title of Bebo White’s keynote (Big Data is here! — Embrace it!) still isn’t easy for everyone in the C-Suite to accept. And although businesses are increasingly waking up to the fact that ‘organizations not embracing Big Data Analytics and Data Science are doomed to be lost in the current data deluge,’ the best approach to big data still sparks lively debate.

10) Virginia Backaitis takes a closer look at the question: Whose Idea Was This? Amazon's Investment in Acquia. Tweet to Virginia Backaitis.

… the investment could very well have been Amazon’s idea, especially when you take into account the $50 million that Acquia raised in May. It’s hard to believe that they would have blown through so much cash so quickly.

That wraps up our Top 10 for 2014. Take a look at all of the other great reads around Web CMS that are waiting for you on CMSWire.