CrownPeak Offers New Testing, Targeting and Measurement Tools

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CrownPeak (news, site) offers a new host of marketing tools to help refine and target marketing strategies for websites and content.

Online Marketing Management Suite

A new collection of tools for extracting the maximum from online information has been launched by CrownPeak, a Saas-based Web CMS provider. The Online Marketing Management Suite should help marketers to hit the right audience, tweak a message to be more effective and produce better sites, if used correctly.

Targeting Visitors

Aimed at the non-technical user, it allows for the creation of "segments" that target a particular type of user. Using data gathered form online forms, surveys or browsing activity, it provides a way to categorize site visitors and carve them up into targetable segments.

These collections of suitable visitors can be saved rather like an iTunes playlist and the right content or messages can be sent to a compatible playlist of site visitors.

New A/B Testing

Also in the suite is a testing system as part of the CMS. A/B testing helps to show which variable in a marketing campaign is proving a success while multivariate testing helps evaluate multiple variables.

These kinds of products used be discrete, and often expensive, but are now being found increasingly in a wider range of products.


Create snippets about users based on their site interaction

Learning Opportunities

All the tools are built into CrownPeak's existing Web CMS and other products, enabling users to get right on with the job of improving conversion rates and other goals.

Improving Website Marketing

Some two years in development, the suite makes use of Web and cloud technology to offer its power to any level of user interested or mandated in achieving more through web marketing. An example of how easy it is to get it wrong can be seen in this CrownPeak study example.

The Suite can be using in conjunction with the Web CMS to send the right message in response to a certain set of criteria. You can create a dozen different targeted "thank you" or other responses or similar based on a user's interactions, via a request form, or their use of demo button. Each layer of personalization will make a potential customer feel more welcome and confident.


Give the right response to have users warm to a site

With its heavy advertising/marketing focus, CrownPeak has pulled an interesting stroke with this update that, with its full complement of reports and analysis tools, can show a company how it can improve its online performance and show the results.