WoodWing Software (news, site) has a list of clients that reads like an international Who’s Who of the print industry. Acquia (news, site) is the commercial arm that offers products and support for the open source software web content management system Drupal (news, site).

Last week, the two companies announced a new partnership that will see WoodWing's Enterprise 6 Content Publishing Platform ship with Acquia Drupal as the default content management system.

The result is an integrated package that gives publishers a tool that is simple to use as well as the ability to adopt print content for web users who are looking for interactive and engaging online experiences.

Shipping with Drupal Web CMS

So what do you get with the new package? Well, for a start, you get Drupal Web CMS with a selection of some of the software available in the Drupal community to build and operate Drupal social publishing websites.

As a packaged distribution of the open source Drupal web content management system, it provides a quick on-ramp solution to enable users begin building Drupal websites.

Consisting of Drupal Core, community contributed modules and Acquia Network modules, functions include:

  • Content Construction Kit (CCK): A wizard-driven interface that develops content according to user and site needs without writing a single line of PHP or SQL code.
  • Content Display: Customization of content display and views throughout a site allowing for the simplification of navigation and presentation with access determined by role-based permissions.
  • Image Manipulation: Simple importation and manipulation ofimages.
  • Blogs: Increased social participation through the development of single and multi-user blogs by allowing registered users to create their own blogs accessed through a blog navigation link.
  • Wikis: Simple wiki development with the Drupal book module and markdown so teams can collaborate on content contained on the wiki.
  • Forums and Comments: Enabling users to contribute to sites by establishing forum and ‘comment’ abilities.
  • Ratings: Rating abilities with Five star ratings widget, allowing visitors and users rate content with results displayed by pages.
  • Content Translation: Automatic content translation of site content and interfaces into multiple enabled languages.

New Features With WoodWing v6

For its part WoodWing brings its updated Enterprise 6 Content Publishing Platform, released last February.

Learning Opportunities

A three-tier content publishing platform, it connects to Adobe InDesign, InCopy, Web content, as well as many other third-party applications and while the company has specifically targeted the printing industry, the WoodWing CMS is entirely scalable and adaptable to many different industries.

With v6 a range of new features were introduced onto the platform including:

  • Content Station: An entirely new application that interfaces between enterprise databases and content repositories enabling users select, write and edit documents at any point in the workflow and then publish to any channel.
  • Editing: Enhanced edit abilities allowing users to preview content before delivery, publish or update with a single click and even upublish content before it leaves the environment.
  • PHP Plug-ins: Server plug-ins written in PHP that have full access to the system allowing for the easy development of customized features on the platform.
  • Smart Image: Automate placement of XMP metadata caption and credits from images with Smart Image.
  • Content Re-use: Easily reuse of articles, images, audio and video across all publications.
  • InDesign Integration: Enhanced InDesign Server integration.
  • Versioning: New version abilities with ability to remove intermediate versions at end of workflow.

Newspapers Move Online?

In January a new report by Nielsen Online for the Newspaper Association of America showed that the average monthly unique audience figures for newspaper websites grew by nearly 7.3 million in 2008 to 67.3 million visitors, an increase of 12.1 percent over 2007.

With the newspaper industry in both the US and Europe in the emergency room,it seems clear that any publishing company that is not moving to, or beefing up,its online presence will go the way of the dinosaurs.

And with online users demanding engaging online experiences, newspaper websites need to start looking at social media. Dries Buytaert of Acquia believes that print media will end up being a lead generation tool for websites and says that  "Drupal's combination of content management and social software capabilities helps publishers to stay on top of this trend, and provides their writers and journalists the tools needed to be successful on the web."