Your website has become a critical component of how you interact with customers. However, in most cases its use and the team that manages it have both grown organically. Additionally, it's often the IT department running the show.

As a result of this pattern, many websites do not meet the customer experience bar that modern marketing requires. They are not usable enough. They are not accessible enough. And they are not persuasive enough. There are also too many bits and pieces stapled together to create the feedback loops.

On the Ground: A Growing Problem

Recent Forrester research data found that improving customer experience via the website was at the top of many organizations' priority list. Other hot items included improving online usability (important for 78% of respondents), improving support for the brand online (64%) and improving cross-channel interactions (58%).

The problem, according to Forrester, is that the gap has grown too large between the business people who want these things and the technical and organizational realities on the ground.

In Demand: Better Powers of Persuasion

There are a number of elements that go into creating the optimal customer experience including rich media, social media and community, and analytics. But it's not as simple as finding a single vendor to support all your needs -- in fact, there is no single vendor.

With the number of Web CMS vendors, marketing vendors and new breed experience management vendors offering solutions to help you meet your challenges, it's hard to know which way to run.

Forrester and Siteworx are in turn analyzing and tackling the problem. You can join the conversation this Thursday, Dec 10th at 1pm EST. During a 1 hour webinar they will look specifically at how -- given the lack of a single vendor solution -- you can bridge the customer experience gap. 

During the free event analyst Stephen Powers will cover:

  • The components of an ideal customer experience
  • Tools to uncover how your content is being consumed
  • The various vendors in the interactive marketing landscape
  • Steps to develop your own persuasive content strategy
  • Technology convergence patterns

Sound intriguing? You can register here.