Interwoven, LiveSite New Targeting Features
Web content management provider Interwoven has released some new personalization and profiling features for its LiveSite product, enabling marketers to deliver a richer visitor experience.Interwoven LiveSite now includes the ability to target specific visitor segments, whether they are anonymous site visitors or known customers.LiveSite 3.1 is Interwoven’s content delivery engine. It is used to deliver dynamic, targeted content that can be interactive to a wide range of audiences without a lot of custom coding.The enhanced capabilities of Interwoven LiveSite 3.1 help customers to:* Target content to anonymous website visitors based on factors like geography, day, time, referring URL, search term, click stream, etc. * Improve search engine optimization with search engine-friendly URLs * Control sections of a web page with new tag libraries for targeted, dynamic promotions and content“Despite the dramatic growth in investments to increase website traffic, most organizations are not getting the results they expect – conversions are low, abandonment rates are high, and site visitors are unsatisfied,” said Ben Kiker, chief marketing officer at Interwoven. In other words, personalization and profiling's importance is rising in the world of proper web content management. Most of Interwoven's competitors -- including Percussion, Open Text and Vignette -- are also working hard on delivering personalization functionality. All of these products work differently, but the mission is common. Vignette and Open Text/RedDot offer recommendations that are both rules- and behavior-based. Percussion’s Personalization Solution works off segmentation and rules approach. As Internet users become savvier, they don’t want just content anymore, they want the content that is relevant to them – only then it counts as an "engaging online experience." Interwoven LiveSite promises to help businesses “hit the web marketer’s bull’s eye: increased conversions, customer loyalty, satisfaction, and retention.”Want to learn more? Interwoven is hosting a series of webcasts and demonstrations about the new capabilities of LiveSite 3.1.