The folks at Spoonlabs released version 4.5 of their Vivvo (news, site) open source content management system. In addition to over 450 resolved issues, there is also a number of new features and other improvements. And, most importantly to some, a new licensing model.

New Licensing Structure

With the release of Vivvo 4.5 came a new licensing structure as well. The Standard license is now discontinued, with all Standard licensees being transferred to its replacement, the new Business edition. This edition is targeted at medium-sized news and media portals who have outgrown their Professional license.

Another edition to the licensing family is the Developer license, which is a server-based license. This edition allows you to deploy an unlimited number of sites on a single hardware server, all of which operate under a single license key binding to a single IP address. Those who purchase this license also receive the Multi-Site Manager extension bundled in. These new terms apply only to new purchases of the Developer license.

Other changes to the license agreement include:

  • The right for all customers to remove "Powered by Vivvo"
  • The white-label bundle will be sold separately, now consisting of re-branded site administration, personalized RSS feeds in admin and an "invalid license" URL
  • Commercial plugins are no longer free for Developer license holders, aside from the Multi-Site Manager extension mentioned earlier.

The New Stuff

There are five new features that the company is particularly excited about, three of which are available in the Pro, Biz, and Dev editions of Vivvo and two of which are only available for Biz and Dev. The highlighted new features are:

  • Revisions and auto-draft (Biz and Dev editions), which allows you to retain unlimited revisions of a single article and revert to old versions, plus Vivvo also now saves automatic drafts of articles as you work.
  • Google (news, site) Analytics integration (Biz and Dev editions), letting you set triggers and events in analytics and then monitor article reads, comments and shares over time, plus view GA data in your Vivvo Dashboard.
  • Topics (Pro, Biz, and Dev editions), allowing you to assign semantic content linking by establishing relations among content items, cross-post between sections and control what lands on your home page.
  • Trashbin/Soft Delete (Biz and Dev editions), which saves you from permanent, accidental article deletion as well as letting you set who controls deleted articles and automatic purge periods.
  • Memcached caching, which is a popular solution to improve site performance

Other Improvements

In addition to the new features that Vivvo is most eager to talk about, there is a number of other improvements that users might find interesting:

  • Better navigation, reducing the number of necessary clicks and letting you "pin" many needed plugins to the main navigation bar
  • A new dashboard, organized to give you an overview of your site at a glance with statistics, actions, user interactions and important account information
  • Native video support, letting you integrate videos from YouTube and other sources
  • A new commenting system, offering comment threading, replying, voting, subscribing, font styles and sharing
  • The Save+ button, which lets you simultaneously tell Vivvo to save content and then immediately either add a new article, continue editing or return to the article list.

Many of these additions and improvements can improve the Web CMS experience. The company also states that it's planning on hiring more developers to keep up with the improvement and new feature requests, so it sounds like they're planning on sticking around.