Last October, DAM developer MediaBeacon (news, site) hired Tom Rieger, ex-IBM, Informix and FileNet director. At the time we asked what he was going to do there. The integration of MediaBeacon’s DAM platform into IBM’s (news, site) Lotus WCM and WebSphere Portal probably helps answer that.

Not that there’s any big mystery about it. Digital Asset Management is now almost de rigueur for any enterprise or web content management system with the proliferation of rich media assets across enterprise networks.

And with the reach Lotus WCM has across many verticals it is inevitable that it will enable integration with as many DAM solutions as possible. In this case MediaBeaon’s R3volution.

MediaBeacon and Business Analytics

R3volution is an open-standards based environment that ensures the management of assets wherever they are in the workflow.

There are many DAM solutions on the market, but an indication as to why IBM is working with MediaBeacon came from Jason Bright, Founder and CTO, MediaBeacon, who, when announcing the integration, touched on one of the areas where IBM would be anxious to ensure everything about and around it was managed well: business analytics.

[With] MediaBeacon's investment in open standards . . . we discovered right away that we can rapidly and cost effectively develop this next generation web experience that will evolve as the market moves into a Web 3.0-centric paradigm where the web, the media and business analytics are all brought together.

And with the investment that IBM has put into developing its business analytics portfolio any integrations are going to have to take that into account.

MediaBeacon’s R3volution

On a functional level, R3volution is a very powerful platform with many features that are constantly being tweaked and improved as market needs dictate.


MediaBeacon's DAM

By integrating the two, users in web environments built on IBM WebSphere Portal and IBM Lotus Web Content Management will be able to access, use and management all their rich assets. Features  in R3volution include:

  • Metadata management: Metadata management for easy asset retrieval with asset mobility enabled by the application of Extensible Metadata Platform (XMP) to assets.
  • Open Standards: Support for most open servers and clients.
  • Widgets: Easy configuration of widgets to bring information from other sources.
  • Asset support: Automatic out of the box support for all asset formats.
  • Easy search: Support for many different kinds of searches based on taxonomies, directory, text-in-image.


IBM and MediaBeacon

MediaBeacon has been doing DAM for ages but that hasn't stopped the company from looking to keep innovating. To that end last October, it hired Tom Rieger to take up the reins and move things along.

At the time he joined the company he said that he was looking forward to building a brand and market presence that would bolster the company’s revenues. With this latest integration it seems that while he may have left IBM, he hasn’t quite left it behind.