Mobile App Developers Move Away from App Stores to Increase Revenues and Distribution
Who says you need a mobile app in the app store to make it big? A new survey by Bango reveals that developers are more focused on maximizing distribution and revenues than making it into the App Store top 10.

Developers Go Direct

Bango, a company that provides technology that powers commerce on the mobile web, surveyed over 400 developers and content providers in the USA and Europe to uncover how developers are approaching the every-increasing mobile app market.

Surprisingly, the survey results indicated that 45% of developers plan to monetize their apps directly, that is - outside the realm of the traditional app store. Although many respondents acknowledge that app stores will surely expand and grow over the next five years, 48% think they will coexist alongside the mobile web.

As mobile web browser capabilities continue to improve, it is inevitable that the benefits of browser-based distribution will appeal more to developers who want to assert more control over distribution and sales revenue of their mobile apps. However, it isn't as if developers will suddenly abandon app stores altogether. But they do worry that some stores add layers of unnecessary registration, making it hard for users to complete the transaction successfully and even harder for their apps to get used.

The Future of the Mobile Web

Bango itself is a perfect of example of life outside the app store. At present Bango’s products collect payment from mobile users for on-line content and services, and in return provide accurate analytics for mobile marketing campaigns and sites.

Bango’s survey provides additional proof that developers want to reach their customers directly and are doing so, well beyond the confines of the app store. This is good news for the mobile web industry, whose future may need to rely on other sustainable methods of commerce and revenue beyond the iPhone and Droid.