OmniUpdate Adds Social Features to Web CMS

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OmniUpdate Reports Record 2009 Revenues

OmniUpdate (news, site) -- the makers of the OU Campus Web CMS primarily targeted at the higher education market -- released version 9.3. The highlight of which is the ability to publish content to Twitter.

Refresher on OU Campus Web CMS

OmniUpdate has traditionally been making small, iterational tweaks and updates to the CMS.

Backin May, we saw version 9 that brought a considerable change in the coreand was primarily focused on the developers working with the system.

Oneof v9's predecessors, version 8.10, was released in both SaaS/hostedand on-premise flavors. On the feature front, we saw multi-languageediting/preview and multi-output preview capabilities.

Social CMS? Sure...

Andnow, it's time to get social. OmniUpdate's new Social Media Publishfeature can be used to automatically publish content from the CMS toTwitter.

Speaking of doing small changes at a time, there're nopublishing capabilities for other social media tools at this time, butOmniUpdate says it's "planned for a future release."

Learning Opportunities

Wonder howthe new feature works? It's all in the name. As you create or update apage, you can create a tweet within the CMS and publish it out. There's a built-in support for using multiple Twitter accounts and publishing tweets to only those that you want to publish to. Tweetinghistory is stored in the CMS, just like with any other type of content.That also means there's a reporting capability for CMS admins.

Goingafter the demanding young crowd in the higher ed space would requirenothing less (or, honestly, a lot more) on the social media andsocial networking fronts.

University and college websites not featuring(and properly managing) content from and/or on their Facebook, YouTube,MySpace or Twitter don't have much of a chance of looking appealing toexisting or prospective students. After all, they say, it was his college dorm where Zuckerberg started Facebook, and he knew what he was doing.

With this release, OmniUpdate is making baby steps towards a whole new movement of sCMS -- social CMS.