SDL Tridion Partners for Enterprise Marketing Management
It wasn’t long ago, when SDL Tridion announced a partnership with WebTrends to improve its online web metrics value proposition. Now they have another partnership. This new arrangement is dangerously close, yet somewhat different. While WebTrends is tasked with integrating their analytics package with SDL Tridion R5 CMS, Unica will take care of another niche - enterprise marketing management.The agreement dictates that SDL Tridion’s WCM will be integrated with Unica’s NetInsight® analysis software to offer customers the ability to provide targeted content based on their users online behavior. Can’t help but wonder - wasn’t the SDL Tridion’s own Communication Statistics module supposed to do that? As we’ve mentioned before, SDL Tridion’s Communication Statistics is far from being perfect. Let us rephrase that -- far from being usable. Therefore, we applaud SDL Tridion for taking steps to better their online analysis proposal. The integration of SDL Tridion and Unica software offers marketers the ability to analyze users’ behavior intelligently and to offer the most relevant and dynamic content to various user groups. It’s all about enablers nowadays. Tridion is no exception. Following the WebTrends enabler, they’re going the same route with Unica: the NetInsight Enabler. This tool is used for adding tagging codes to any R5 Page Template. Quite commonly, Unica then uses this code to track and analyze the visitors’ browsing behavior. And here’s how WebTrends Enabler plays with Unica Enabler. The link between the two allows for the analysis of data and a push of personalized content and a targeted offer. The Unica NetInsight Enabler is supposedly available for download on the SDL Tridion website. Nope, we couldn't find it, but are sure it's somewhere out there.