Sitecore Ends 2009 with Slew of New, Updated Products and Record Revenues
If coffee is for closers, then Sitecore (news, site) is certainly jacked up on caffeine. The .NET Web CMS software company had a superb 2009, with more than 40 percent revenue growth resulting from developments such as the release of their Online Marketing Suite, an updated Intranet Portal, and much global expansion.  

What Recession? 

How does one succeed in a time of economic ruin? Sitecore's CEO Michael Seifert explains it like this:

"The industry is in the midst of a transformation as marketing automation, Web analytics, online campaigns and e-mail marketing play major roles in the next phase of Web CMS technology. While others have had to remain static and are riding out the recession wave, we have continued to innovate and provide our customers and partners with advances in our CMS platform to provide a single integrated solution, making their businesses more profitable and efficient."

Sitecore's continued innovation most recently includes their Online Marketing Suite, released midway 2009. The suite combines Web analytics, marketing automation and Web content management under one roof in an attempt to bridge what Darren Guarnaccia, Sitecore's VP of Product Marketing, calls a chasm between the tools that tell organizations what they need to do and the tools that help them do it.

Big names like Tridion and Interwoven can be found on the same wagon, as both companies released similar solutions last year as well. 

Sitecore Gets Around

But a unified solution isn't all Sitecore's been up to. The company conducted business in 10 new markets this past fiscal year alone, achieving record level growth in Australia and the U.K. (the the North American market contributed more than 50 percent of revenue). Setting up shop in Japan is next, with an office opening slated for the current fiscal year.

Learning Opportunities

Moreover, their patrons appear to be pretty satisfied. The company reported more than 96 percent of global customers renew their maintenance agreements, as well as over 400 certified partners worldwide. 

It's Magic

Gartner is among those that've recognized Sitecore's growing success, and accordingly positioned them as a leader in the Visionaries section of the Magic Quadrant for Web CMS.  The following strengths were highlighted in their report:

  • The usability of Sitecore's interface for authors and editors continues to be best in class. In conversations with Gartner, developers praise the easily customized interfaces.
  • Close alignment with Microsoft technology will continue to make this an attractive add-on to SharePoint for external websites. Gartner has received feedback that points to improved handling with the inclusion of Sitecore, particularly with regard to page assembly, content reuse, multisite management and multichannel delivery.

Sitecore certainly has a lot going for them, but the race is tight. As we make our way into the beast that is 2010, it will be interesting to see how companies like this one will  attempt to outdo themselves and stay afloat.