Sitecore Says Integrated Analytics is a Must for Web CMS
In a recent survey conducted by Sitecore (news, site), the .NET Web Content Management software company discovered that the number of organizations implementing Web analytics has risen to nearly 90 percent. For a market that’s expected to hit US$ 953 mil by 2014, we can’t say we’re surprised.  

The bare-bones of today’s sitch include the need for a better way of understanding site traffic and Web campaigns. As of late, that need often translates to integrated analytics. Marrying Web CMS, analytics and marketing automation, as well as integrating CRM systems, has become essential for organizations hoping to make a mark in 2010.

"These survey results highlight the importance of an integrated approach to Web content management and customer engagement," said Sitecore's CEO Michael Seifert. "We are no longer seeing sales and marketing tools and Web CMS platforms in silos. Our customers see the need for not only presenting the right content and offering advanced search and social media features, but the critical element of tracking website data to manage their sales pipeline with a much sharper radar to yield faster online conversions."

Other Key Survey Findings

Top drivers for implementing a Web CMS solution include:

  • Improving productivity (19 percent),
  • Improving customer service (11 percent)
  • Increasing sales leads (10 percent)
  • Building global brand awareness (10 percent)

As well as:

  • More than 33 percent of respondents plan to integrate online video management as part of their 2010 WCM initiatives
  • More than two-thirds of respondents use LinkedIn the most for professional use with Facebook and Twitter closely behind
  • Over half of the respondents (53 percent) stated that Web Forms are key components of building an interactive website

Back to Analytics -- An Ongoing Debate 

Even though Sitecore recently proved to be a company worth keeping track of, and recent moves in the market would suggest that integrated analytics is what organizations should be considering, it's important to keep in mind some other factors. 

For example, if you're in marketing, it may be wise to consider some words from Phil Kemelor of CMS Watch and Semphonic

"...I have yet to see any WCM analytics solution that gets beyond a high level of reporting. As it is web content that would be the natural focus of WCM based analytics, these tools would likely be of more value to content editors and writers, rather than online marketers."

Do you agree? Disagree? Are you curious about how integrated your current analytics package is? Are you a mess over the whole thing? Talk it out in the comments section below, or check out our recent scan around the analytics field for more information.