Say good-bye to vague IP- and geo-exclusive analytics tracking. With Tape Failure, marketers, webmasters and IT members can actually watch user activity on the company website -- or blog, if you prefer. What -- you thought the aesthetically-inclined gurus of Web 2.0 weren't eventually going to start fiddling with analytics?Tape Player enables clients to record user activity as they browse (and hopefully convert) on a website. Then, instead of sifting through piles of quantified data each day, clients merely play back and watch the action, like a movie. The service operates in the same way existing online analytics systems like Google Analytics and NetTracker do, though it does more than collect basic computer identity data. It actually focuses on what the user does, not just on who the user is. Without downloading additional software, clients paste a scrap of Javascript into each page that must be tracked. When a user accesses these pages, the user's trail is captured as he or she moves throughout the site. (It even captures mouse movements!) Then Tape Failure records videos of browsing patterns in addition to statistics about the session, all of which are accessible to the client. To ease concerns about user privacy, the service only records activity on the client website without compromising a user's browser window or activity on other websites. Additionally, no text, personal information, internet history or cookies are recorded or stored. Tape Failure currently supports Windows, Mac and most Linux platforms. It's also equal-opportunity in terms of browsers, running consistently on Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox and Opera. The Content Wrangler reports few small glitches at outset that can be attributed to the service's novice status. However, CW also calls Tape Failure "the next step in the evolution of web site analysis software." That's no small gesture. And while we remain skeptical, the service does indeed have promise. Now, if only tracking one's own employees were this simple. Tape Failure comes at apparently no cost to clients whose sites serve less than 10,000 unique visitors per day. If your website receives over 10,000, contact Tape Failure for a pricing and service options. Check Tape Failure out for yourself.