TYPO3 Updates Open Source Web CMS Neos

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Open source web content management (WCM) provider TYPO3 released a new version of Neos that officials there say improves the user experience for digital marketers in a "smoother" and more "time-saving" way. 

The Baar, Switzerland, open source vendor today releases Neos 1.2 that "offers many convenient new functions and significant improvements that make the everyday work of editors and developers much easier" for a more intuitive workflow.

The update comes a year after version 1.0 was released.

Targeting Experience

Neos' bread-and-butter, officials say, is allowing users to work on content directly inside the display with editors being able to see all of the changes that have been made in the corrected layout.

Officials highlighted new or improved features for editors: 

Learning Opportunities

  • Easier content and page linking
  • New shortcut types, including links to social media channels
  • The right documents, displayed in the right places
  • Automatic review and display of access rights 
  • Re-log in dialogue shows most recently edited content
  • Content that can be used multiple times
  • Long text can be worked on more easily
  • Select pages manually and create user-defined menus
  • Improvements to publishing button
  • Optimized inspector

Some of the features developers will get include an improved HTML Editor that supports various formats such as CSS or Java Script, easy links from TypoScript to Nodes and rendering of images and image URI development from TypoScript.

"The Neos Project is also something very new from an organizational standpoint because this marks the first time that an open source community has ever organized and launched such a comprehensive tool as a completely new development without assistance from a main company," officials claimed. 

Version 1.3 is planned for next spring.