Web CMS Compass Guides Released for Kentico, GX Software

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Analyst firm Ars Logica (news, site) has released a couple of new Compass Guides, adding to the list of who's who in web content management. This time we reviewed the guides for GX Software and Kentico.

Free: From Influence and $$

We've looked at a number of Compass Guides from Ars Logica before for WCM vendors such as Jahia, Sitecore, eZ Systems, Vignette and Bridgeline. Reviews of GX Software and Kentico are now two more to add to the list.

According to  Ars Logica founder, Tony White, it's the product testing that sets the Compass Guidesapart from other similar reports on the market. We'd also point to thesize, compacting as much advice as possible into a smaller report (sosize does not matter). And of course, the free factor is nice too.

WCM Review: GX Software

As the Compass Guide for GX Software (news, site) rightly points out, this is a company that, although around since 1998, was relatively unknown until recently. There are two solutions here that are discussed, GX WebManager, a fully functional Web CMS and Blue Conic (released in December of last year), a customer engagement solution that has a heavy emphasis on cross channel behavioral analytics.

Though the market for this type of synergistic product combination is just emerging, ars Logica sees significant pent-up demand for a unified view of consumer behavior across channels, and we believe that the overlap between WCm, e-commerce, analytics, and multi-channel marketing will be one of the hottest spots in the software market.

According to the report, GX WebManager & Blue Conic can be implemented as both a single platform and as separate solutions -- this is a key differentiator for GX Software. These are Java based solutions which are evaluated as being very strong both technically and functionally.

Suitable for enterprises who want to focus on customer engagement solutions, Blue Conic may be a marketer dream platform, especially if:

  • they want to understand Consumer Behavior Across Applications/Channels
  • they want to support E-Commerce Initiatives that Require Advanced Analytics
  • they have complex Application Integration Challenges

WCM Review: Kentico

Czech-republic based Kentico(news, site) is the maker of Kentico CMS ASP.Net, a web content management solution designed to support the needs of mid sized organizations or enterprise divsions. As a Visual Studio.Net CMS, Kentico a number of integrations with SharePoint expanding both SharePoint's WCM and collaboration capabilities.

Learning Opportunities

Kentico has focused strongly on mobile capabilities and support for running in the cloud (specifically Windows Azure), both key features for many WCMs today.

The report indicates that Kentico is best suited for organizations looking for a fully functional Web CMS with a low price tag and for those who don't want to use SharePoint for web content management.

According to the report:

We believe that the product could currently justify a significantly higher price tag, and we therefore advise clients in the short-term to consider the product as a value-laden alternative to other .NET-based CMS solutions.

Compass Guides Available Now

Both of these reports are available now -- for free -- on the Ars Logic website. While you are there, check out the list of other reports also available.

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