Wordpress is the biggest name in open source content management systems (CMS), powering more than 47 percent of the entire Internet, according to BuiltWith.

And last month more than 900 WordPress developers, content creators, and users gathered in Sofia, Bulgaria for the largest European WordPress conference to date, WordCamp Europe. The first WordCamp was held last year in Leiden, The Netherlands.

But if you missed it, don't worry. You have other chances to learn about the world's most popular CMS, including a Big Media and Enterprise Wordpress meetup in San Francisco on Nov. 4 at the Automatic Lounge, 132 Hawthorne St. It's open to developers, product managers, and editorial teams who run large, high-traffic WordPress sites. 

Next month, Wordpress is also holding VIP Training Days, its intensive, one-day, in-person training courses led by a team of WordPress.com instructors. The sessions will be held Nov. 4 to 6 in San Francisco and Nov. 11 to 13 in New York City.

The courses are designed for both self-hosted and WordPress.com VIP sites/superusers/developers. Most of the material will focus on core WordPress functionality/features.

What else is new in open source CMS this month?

Composite C1

Composite C1’s product manager Marcus Wendt will travel to Barcelona to speak at TechEd Europe, Microsoft’s technology conference for IT professionals and enterprise developers. It runs from Oct. 28 through 31. Wendt will speak about open source and cloud computing in the corporate segment.

With features like the Azure Publisher, users of Composite C1 are able to manage and push content to any number of the 14 data centers that make up the Microsoft Azure Platform. This enables companies to bring their content closer to a global audience and handle massive traffic at the fraction of the cost and with a lot less complexity than comparable solutions, the Composite team said.

The folks at Composite also launched a new demo service, where users can get their own 14-day demo site located in Europe or USA. The infrastructure used for provisioning and running the demo sites is also serving as a beta for an upcoming Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform from the CMS vendor.

Composite also released a Load Balancing add-on for companies that want to host their website on-premise and scale out. The package enables companies to deploy Composite C1 on up to 32 servers in a web farm. “Getting the CMS to run on between two to 32 servers will ensure both high uptime and the ability to handle massive amounts of traffic,” Wendt said.

In addition, web designers can now insert Instagram photo galleries into a webpage with the help of the Instagram add-on. A photo gallery features such categories as recent photos of a specific user, most popular, recently tagged and photos from a defined area. Likewise, the new Flickr add-on adds a photostream, favorites or photo sets from a specific Flickr account.

The Bundling and Minification add-on, developed by Composite C1 this month, is a new optimization tool designed to make websites work faster and rank better with the Google Search. "Akin to a wave with a magic wand, the add-on will collect and bundle all JavaScript and CSS files into one and include it at the end of an HTML file with a single click," Wendt said.

He said it works very well with the add-on concept of Composite C1, ensuring that CSS and scripts from add-ons are automatically included in the bundling and minification process and should enable agencies and companies to reap the benefits of an optimized website without having to take on the overhead this process typically require.

Meanwhile, there is also a new Country Specific Content add-on that enables the ability to display different messages to visitors depending on their locations.

While the Instagram, the Flickr and the country-specific content add-ons are free and open source, the commercial Extranet Basic plugin has been boosted with a technical overhaul – moving the rendering login to ASP.NET Razor with more added features. The Extranet add-on allows users to make parts of a website available to registered visitors only and requires them to log in before viewing the protected content.


Fall’s "looking fantastic" for Hippo so far, team members claim. "Hippo developers are hard at work, we’re expanding our team in both Boston and Amsterdam offices and we’ve got a full agenda for the months ahead," said Joanna Madej, public relations manager.

The team has introduced a new app in the Hippo developers environment: the Hippo feature library. By allowing developers to add prefab components to your projects, the Hippo feature library makes setting up a Hippo project faster, with lower cost and with a predictable quality, Madej said. The library, which has a graphical use interface, provides more than 25 features ranging from agenda, blog and banners to more technical software development tools like an image gallery manager and BeanWriter. Part of the standard Hippo setup, the features library allows for the reuse of components with no need to test. Read more about the Hippo features library.

Hippo CMO Tjeerd Brenninkmeijer spoke at Couchbase Connect in San Francisco this week. Hippo was one of the sponsors of the event, which provided three days of real world successes, hands-on tutorials and technical content for building NoSQL skills and planning big data projects, as well as industry and use case content showcasing how best to leverage NoSQL. The conference focused on connecting people through discussions, direct engineer-to-developer engagements and after-hours events.

Hippo CTO Arje Cahn will present at Hartman Event tomorrow in Utrecht, the Netherlands. The event will focus on the importance and possibilities of listening to your audience by using content strategy, analytics, customer experience management and content marketing. 


Earlier this year, Jahia released its vision and strategy around what it calls Digital Industrialization.

Digital Industrialization suggests the development of an uninterrupted, optimized and continuous workflow of digital experiences, from the identification of a business need to the delivery of a solution to meet that need. It offers organizations the ability to respond to business needs quickly and automatically as part of the organizations digital evolution, the company claimed.

Since that announcement, including its new platform Digital factory 7, Jahia has benefited from a strong momentum — notably inclusion in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Horizontal Portals.

"Along with growing analysts recognition, we have experienced an unprecedented subscription renewal rate from existing customers above 95 percent. Overall, year-to-date, annual subscriptions rose by 35 percent," noted Emmanuel Garcin, Jahia's Chief Operating Officer.

Garcin added that the recognition from Gartner "demonstrates the accuracy of the digital vision we bring to our customers." Jahia will provide a complimentary copy of the MQ on request by email.


Liferay customers, open source community members and other Liferay enthusiasts converged at Liferay Symposium North America this week in Boston. From mobile design and strategy to audience-targeted content delivery, the annual event addressed "some of the most important needs of enterprises today," team members explained.

Liferay Cloud Services, a new online platform with tools and services for Liferay customers such as Fix Pack Management, Metrics, Dashboards and Alerts, is set to open for public beta this month.

AlloyUI, a UI framework built on top of YUI3 that provides a simple API for building highly scalable applications, moved off of YUI and onto jQuery. Read more about the transition in this blog post.

Social Office 3.1 Enterprise Edition is now available to download from Liferay Marketplace. Social Office 3.1 EE provides several improvements over version 3.0 EE released earlier in the year, including improved dockbar notifications and more control over site creation. Learn more about the update in this blog post.


Team members are packing their bags for GITEX in Dubai next week, the largest IT exhibition in the Middle East. It runs from Oct. 12 through 16. 

Magnolia announced a partnership with [email protected], the technology arm of Ogilvy & Mather UK, to provide highly scalable platforms for digital marketing. In addition, Magnolia 5.3.3 has been released, with a number of key fixes and enhancements.

The team also published more info and resources on how to combine CMS and e-commerce and released a related whitepaper.

Parlez-vous Français? The team broadcast its first webinar in French. You can find out about future webinar's here.


OpenCms, an open source CMS written in Java and distributed by Alkacon Software, is getting ready to release the next version of its software. It plans to release version 9.5 next month at the sixth annual OpenCms Days 2014 in Cologne, Germany. The event runs Nov. 3 and 4. 
In this release, the team said it has focused on providing additional flexibility for responsive and interactive websites. New features in OpenCms 9.5 include User Generated Content, Nested Containers, built-in PDF generation and more fine grained role permissions.


SilverStripe has a new and improved community website designed to make it a better place for learning, using and sharing all things SilverStripe. 

SilverStripe has also released a video explaining how to run Behat integration tests efficiently inside a SilverStripe project, while keeping test assertions readable and self contained. The demo walks through and shows how to create database records from within Behat and fake web services.

SilverStripe was also one of the sponsors of the first NZ PHP Conference last month. You can see highlights from the speakers, including the founder of PHP Rasmus Lerdorf, on the SilverStripe blog.