Yooba Adds Content Only Editor to Flash Web CMS
 We've already expressed the growing interest around Flash-based content management systems this week, so let's get straight down to business with today's Yooba (news, site) announcement. 

Last week the company unveiled a cool little content editor for integration with existing CMS platforms. Aimed specifically at in-house teams, the tool is designed to promote fast and interactive content management.

Yooba Studio, Simplified

Petri Koski of Yooba describes the new content editor as a "simpler version of Yooba Studio." If you're unfamiliar with Yooba, you can think of Yooba Studio as the essence of the company. Made to complement your content management system rather than replace it, Yooba Studio allows users to create any number of scenes, add images, create text, transitions, animations, insert sounds, videos, etc. 

Yooba Content Editor is another one of these complementary tools, but with less razzle dazzle.  Specifically designed to deal with content that is already created in Yooba Studio, pre-defined objects such as text fields, graphics, pictures etc., are the only elements editable with the feature.  By toning down the options, Yooba provides a way for users to set up a workflow specifically for editors without worrying that they'll mess up the original look and feel.

Yooba's content editor can be fully integrated into an existing CMS platforms to enable access from a familiar place. Among those already on board with the tool is EPiServer, who originally combined forces with Yooba Studio back in March. 

Flash for a Better Future

Says Sven Miller, Sales Manager at Yooba:

Yooba is currently discussing partnership deals with several other CMS providers to enable integration with their platforms. Why shouldn't it be as easy to manage Rich Media content in Flash as it is with standard HTML? It's not about replacing any technology, capability, or content with Yooba Flash CMS; technically we're just streamlining the workflow for both creation and management. As far as content goes, we want Flash to complement the static content for the benefit of both the visitor and the brand.

Yooba has a pretty cool, relatively hassle-free approach to Flash-based CMS, so if you've yet to be wooed by another solution (like Flypaper or Rainbow Live) then why not check them out? At their cheapest, Yooba costs US$ 55 per month, but like any good solution they offer a free trial here