Looks like Google's still on an acquisition streak. This time the Web giant has picked up a video hosting platform called Episodic, which boasts measuring and monetizing capabilities in addition to broadcasting. Smells to us like a YouTube overhaul. 


Just like YouTube, The Episodic suite broadcasts live and on-demand content to both the Web and Web-enabled devices. Also like YouTube, Episodic offers analytics capabilities.that provide publishers with real-time metrics for video performance, audience engagement, network quality, etc.

Moreover, Episodic offers the ability to either syndicate individual pieces of content or automatically distribute the Episodic player to any destination site that will accept player syndication. Video portals such as YouTube, Veoh, Hulu, Amazon and iTunes are currently supported. .

But don't get too excited just yet--though the company says the acquisition won't cause current customers to experience an interruption in their service, Episodic has put new sign-ups on hold for the time being.

The Future of Video Content Management

What's the deal with the acquisition? Episodic co-founders Noam Lovinsky and Matias Cudich
put it like this on the company's official blog:

Episodic and Google share a common vision for video on the Web. Online video will be ubiquitous, engaging, entertaining, informative and effective. Both teams place value on creating a great experience for viewers and on delivering a powerful and flexible platform for publishers, marketers and advertisers of all kinds.

The most logical assumption when it comes to this "common vision" is that Google is planning to plug Episodic's capabilities into YouTube. This would open a door to charging for, say, a premium version of the platform.

In addition, YouTube saw another kind of makeover earlier this week. As of Wednesday, the platform's got a cleaner, simpler look; a new commenting system that highlights top-rated comments, and a "like"/"dislike" rating system. Combine all this with what Episodic brings to the table, and you've definitely got the ingredients for a good-looking YouTube Pro. 

Go Go Gadget Google

Pick a feature, any feature. Is it something you feel Google's missing? That's probably because they haven't closed the related acquisition yet. In very recent times, Big G has also grabbed up the image-editing tool Picnik, social search engine Aardvark, and an alternative to the native iPhone e-mail client called reMail.

Are they done yet? Not a chance. In September of last year In September, Google's CEO Eric Schmidt claimed that his company would buy one small company per month. It's been seven months since then, but Episodic marks Google's ninth talent grab.