FuzeBox kicked out a new Twitter-based application for rich media, publishing content, promoting offers, and creating conversational threads. Basically, it’s like Twitter plus FriendFeed, wrapped up in a neat little package for marketers.


The application works by feeding content into what is arguably the most viral stream out there. Users can integrate online video, presentations and images with TweetShare, as well as create polls and lists of followers.

Like Seesmic Look or Facebook fan pages, brands can also use TweetShare to create their own branded pages, which immediately gets fed into Twitter as well. 

Speaking from a marketing point of view, the Chief Strategy Officer at FuzeBox, Patric Moran, said, "We love Twitter, but it is very limited. TweetShare will take Twitter from a useful listening device to a way to truly engage consumers with a brand through compelling content."


TweetShare screen shots

"Content is still king," continued Moran, "but conversations need some kind of context. We believe that context needs to be a piece of video or written content. The suggestion that people are going to come and seek brands out is not the best way to engage business. [With TweetShare] there can be a message from the CEO, an offer from the marketing department and a how-to from the product department."

Product Highlights

Here's a quick rundown of what you'll get with TweetShare: 

  • Create branded Twitter page to host and promote any type of content
  • Generate a landing pages around events, promotions or contests
  • Host an online media room with videos, presentations, images and PDFs
  • Perform market research on new campaigns, post surveys on different topics and get immediate feedback from the Twitter community
  • Syndicate content to the Twitter community concurrently with other fan pages (Facebook, YouTube, blog, PRWeb)

Consumers can join in on the fun as well by providing feedback on tweets or any uploaded content.

Ready to market? The platform is available to anyone with Twitter credentials. Check it out