Webtrends Delivers Data in Real-Time via Custom Alerts
Saying there’s been a lot about web analytics of late is an understatement. After several fresh sandboxes, shocking acquisitions and curious new approaches, we think it’s safe to say that 2009 will go down as the year that jump-started our understanding of these data.

Webtrends (news, site) is taking the delivery reinvention route, highlighted back in August by their release of Webtrends Analytics 9, a platform that likes to tell stories, literally. The company is taking it a step further by adding real-time alerts and updates via popular vehicles like e-mail, Twitter, RSS and even an iPhone app. Welcome to yet another way to stay constantly connected. 


“With the release of Analytics 9 a mere 3 months ago, Webtrends laid the foundation for how data is consumed and utilized through an innovative new user experience,” said the company’s CEO, Alex Yoder. “Today’s fall release extends that vision.”

In this case, extension means real-time. Analytics 9’s new features allow up-to-the-minute information updates and comparisons from the previous 24-hour period, as well as current day and 365-day comparisons:


Webtrends Analytics 9 Real-time View

Collectively, the new additions allow users to be in tune with their statistics at any given point of the day.

  • Up-to-the-Minute Analytics: receive real-time updates on key web metrics, and analyze them alongside equivalent data from the previous 24-hours or the current day. Users can overlay results from marketing campaigns, RSS feeds, or other activities as well.
  • Real-Time Alerts: Real-time alerts and notifications for pre-determined goals are now available. Alerts can prompt the user at log-in and be delivered via e-mail, authenticated RSS feed, Twitter direct message, SMS, and/or the soon to be released native Webtrends iPhone application.
  • A New Look: Analytics 9 On-Demand just got a makeover. Reportedly, Webtrends has removed elements that slowed down load times, and all data visualization elements including tables, charts, and graphs have been optimized to improve the speed:


Webtrends Analytics 9 On-Demand Product Interface

  • Webtrends iPhone Application: The Webtrends Analytics iPhone app delivers key metrics and trends to all you on the go customers out there. Similar in design to the Insight web app, the Webtrends iPhone application will reportedly be available for download within iTunes sometime soon:


Webtrends Analytics 9 iPhone App

Up to the Challenge

"We will continue to innovate in this market,” said Yoder, citing the progression from "a single channel to a platform of multi-threaded interactions across multiple domains" as the new norm. In this case, keeping up with this progression obviously means harnessing real-time data and delivering information as it's kicked out.

Like we said back in August, it's hard not to be impressed by the company's planned road to success. Their new methods of delivering information and heavy focus on open APIs and open schemas have already got people talking -- and we imagine adding an element that most have already come to know and love about Web 2.0 will do them some serious good. 

A question remains, however: will all this be enough to beat out the seemingly growing demand for integrated analytics? That's certainly an interesting can of worms to think about.