Realtime Web Search Vendor OneRiot Launches Developer Network
Improving developer culture is kind of a hot ticket right now, and extra focus on the cogs of that has been apparent in recent months from platforms like EMC, Joomla! and Plone.

Real time search startup OneRiot (news, site) cut themselves a slice of the action this week by launching the OneRiot Developer Network (ORDN). Acting as a watering hole, the new meeting place will serve as an excellent starting point for third party developers, sustaining those with important API questions, or those who just want to connect/start a specific conversation. 


OneRiot Developer Network

Leading the project is Robert Reich, co-founder of OneRiot. Considering the fact that the last time Reich had his hands in a community it went on to become the third largest meet-up in the country, we think it's fair to assume a lot of people are expecting great things from the new network.