Designed to monitor and measure social conversations about brands or products on 45 difference sources -- Facebook, Twitter and YouTube included -- Adobe's SocialAnalytics app is now in a worldwide beta program.

SocialAnalytics was first discussed at this year's Omniture summit. The tool aims to go beyond social monitoring by identifying how aggregated relevant activity from online networks and communities impacts metrics and brand perception.

For example, the product can detect when a brand is mentioned, who it was mentioned by, and the number of followers the mentioner had. This information can then be sliced and diced web analytics style in order to see what further effect it might have on product sales.

"Omniture’s SocialAnalytics allows users carte blanche ability to create custom metrics and report on them within SiteCatalyst and even leverage in report builder and other Omniture functions," explained John Lovett of Web Analytics Demystified. "This is a revolutionary step in controlling the way that social is currently measured because it introduces a level of customization that was formerly absent."

The product, which according to Adobe took three years to produce, is now in a worldwide beta program. Adobe customers using the tool can monitor and measure popular social platforms as well as blogs and forums in multiple languages, including English, French, Spanish and Portuguese. Support for additional languages will continue to be added.