Alterian's (news, site) Social Media Monitoring (SM2) moves on up to version 5 to offer greater levels of business intelligence and understanding on what your users are saying and doing out in social networks.

The Word from the Street

SM2 already featured practical tools for digging into the insight of your customers, potential clients and the wider world via social media monitoring. Now, it adds workflow and engagement functionality to ensure that leads are followed up, rapport is built and customers remain happy.

Following all the leading social platforms including Twitter, YouTube and Facebook, SM2 encourages enterprises to respond in the manner that companies are talking to them, so conversations on sites or blogs are all monitored and followed up within SM2, rather than just extracting data and filing it in removed reports for later analysis or constantly running to and from different sites or apps.


Keep your customers in focus via Alterian's MS2

Clear Lines of Communication

SM2 offers audit trails to ensure that the right people are following up various communications, and that jobs are seen through to a satisfactory conclusion. Note fields help users flesh out the detail on what could be a terse comment from a Twitter user, to help other users understand context and importance. 

Existing features such as multi-lingual monitoring and elegant dashboards ensure that a company is keeping a close eye on what is being said about it and responding in the most appropriate manner, while following wider industry trends and new developments.

With its latest financials due soon (here's last year's numbers) it will be useful to see how social media monitoring services are doing as a whole and whether businesses are buying into the need for tracking the social world.