DemandBase Integrates Live Chat into Its Real Time Web Traffic Service

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What if you could engage customers through live chat while also learning more about their demographics in real time? Now, thanks to a partnership between Demandbase and LivePerson, you can!

Live Chat + Real Time

Recently Demandbase (news, site) which provides solutions for improving B2B marketing and LivePerson, the well known provider of online chats aimed at engaging businesses with customers, have joined forces to offer a new application designed to combine real time business identification with live chat.

Only a month after DemandBase released its Real-Time ID Service, which identifies business web traffic in real time, users can now integrate the Demandbase Business Identification application with LivePerson’s solutions in an effort to improve online sales, streamline workflows and customize the user experience.

Converting Visitors Into Customers

The new application uses Demandbases’s Real-Time ID service to identify a site’s visitor, including their company, industry, size, location, revenue and customer status. Because the application can accurately identify more than 200 million web visits each month, businesses can expect to learn more about their customers' demographics than ever before.

Learning Opportunities

Such vital statistics can be leveraged using LivePerson’s rules engine, which can help to direct specific visitors with the appropriate live agent so as to influence purchasing decisions, identify leads or deliver live support.

Built upon its proprietary data cleansing and business correlation engine, called Business Resolution Platform, the cloud-based platform uses a large network of structured data providers combined with crowd sourced data and feedback loops. The result lets businesses learn more about potential customers based upon real-time information, which can help companies understand their traffic and target audiences better, ultimately increasing traffic conversion rates, improving lead quality and optimizing the customer experience.

With LivePerson’s well known reputation for connecting customers with sales experts, from retailers like 1-800-flowers and Wells Fargo to Orbitz and Hewlett Packard, Demandbase can provide its customers with the tools they need to engage with customers and increase sales.