Some web teams lack an ability to prioritize and focus. As a result, they create big, sprawling, out-of-date websites.

Welcome to Webland, a new hotel run by a web team. There are big queues at check in. That's because Tom and Jane, who should be helping check people in, are out back in the garden. Webland has a lovely garden and Tom and Jane just love to garden. They hope that guests will love their garden. In fact, if guests could only check in, they might love the garden, but right now most guests are in a foul mood because they have to wait 15 minutes in the queue. But that's only half of it. The actual check in process is horrendous.

"Why do I have to fill in my address again? I already gave it to you when I made the booking online," says one frustrated guest. "It's just the way it is," says Claire smiling. "Our legal department says we have to get you to write out everything by hand and sign 16 times. You can't be too careful these days, you know." The guest hands over the form. Claire hands it back. She has circled in big red marker the zip code. The guest scans the form.

"I don't have a zip code," he says. "I'm from Ireland."
"You must have a zip code," Claire replies matter of factly. "It's mandatory."

The lucky guests who get through the check in process now head over to the elevator. There's only one. It's really narrow and really slow, so there's a huge crew outside it. As people wait, they're making tweets and promising their spouses that they will never, ever be coming back to Webland Hotel again.

Unfortunately, the guests aren't getting much of a chance to tweet or talk among themselves. That's because Susan is marching up and down between them with a huge sandwich board, screaming at the top of her voice. "News!!!!!!!!! 10% off dinner tonight!! Book now! It's news!!! Just launched!!! We're very excited!!!"

While upstairs Norman and Penelope are dusting the paintings on the corridors. The paintings that they ever so carefully selected, because Norman and Penelope are art lovers and would really prefer to be working in an art gallery rather than a drab hotel.

Nobody wants to make the check in process easier or deal with the elevator. In fact, Norman, Penelope, Tom and Jane hardly ever visit the hotel foyer. They think everything is just fine with the hotel because it has a nice garden and lovely paintings.

Susan is in communications and PR and she only cares about news. Anything that's old is boring. If she had her way the entire foyer would be covered in news. You wouldn't be able to get near check in before you first read all the amazing news and signed up for at least one newsletter. It would be absolutely compulsory.