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Decibel Raises $40M in Funding, Madison Logic Partners with HubSpot and More News

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In this week's newsbyte, Decibel's $40M funding round, Reltio offers a 'Fast Start' package, Madison Logic finds home on HubSpot App marketplace and more news.

Decibel, a digital experience analytics provider, has closed a Series B investment round of $40 million. Perwyn, a family-funded investment firm based in the UK, funded the round, which also includes an initial $17 million investment from Draper Esprit, Eight Roads Ventures and John Simon, via his VentureforGood investment entity. Decibel has now raised $54 million.

Decibel is a digital experience analytics solution. Its clients include LEGO, Adidas and Sony. Its technology is designed to analyze billions of data points to automatically identify poor experiences on websites and apps and allow organization to analyze and optimize those experiences. This, Decibel officials said, can lead to better conversions, more engagement and increased customer loyalty. Decibel's claim is that page views, click-through and bounce rates only show those who provide digital experiences what customers do. Their technology, they said, shows brands why customers make certain decisions online.

Decibel, which is headquartered in London, will use the new money to continue growing its presence in North America and build out the product. Ben Harris, CEO and co-founder of Decibel, said the current COVID-19 health pandemic is affecting the pace at which businesses engage with their customers digitally. His company's software, he said, provides a glimpse into digital customer experience through identifying and prioritizing conversion opportunities.

In other customer experience software news ...

Reltio Offers Fast Start Package

Reltio, a responsive data platform, has announced an offer for a Fast Start Package for Reltio Connected Customer 360. Reltio's CDP creates customer profiles and brings customer data from any source and any format, according to company officials. It supports personalization, real-time operations, compliance and consent management. The new Fast Start package is a limited-time offer and sets a fixed price, promising to get organizations running on the platform in as few as 90 days.

Reltio Connected Customer 360's is built with a big data architecture and uses data models to speed deployment and scale. The Fast Start Package can get businesses operating more quickly than managed services and on-premises solutions, according to Reltio officials.

Madison Logic Finds Home on HubSpot App Marketplace

Madison Logic, an Account-Based Marketing Platform, is now listed in the HubSpot App Marketplace. According to company officials, Madison Logic's global ABM platform, ML Platform, enables marketers to target the right accounts, increase engagement throughout the customer journey, measure account-level impact and prove ROI for sales and marketing budgets.

The listing on the HubSpot App Marketplace allows joint Madison Logic and HubSpot users to:

Learning Opportunities

  • Personalize messaging across buyer journeys through account segmentation.
  • Trigger nurture campaigns across paid media channels based on content engagement signals.
  • Communicate with sales teams and determine which content their accounts are engaging with across multiple media channels.
  • Influence account scoring based on paid media channel engagement.

App partners in the HubSpot App Marketplace here are independent software vendors who have built an integration with HubSpot and have been accepted to the App Marketplace. HubSpot's App Partner Program is an ecosystem of third-party integrations. App Partners comply with a set of requirements.

Sendoso Unveils Address Confirmation, Sendoso Choice

Sendoso, which helps companies send and track marketing, sales and customer communications, has launched Address Confirmation and Sendoso Choice. These new capabilities enable teams to reach their customers anywhere they are, while supporting small businesses. The platform is designed to help companies send direct mail, eGifts and branded swag.

Kris Rudeegraap, Sendoso CEO and co-founder, said in a press release the company recognized the challenges for customers to connect and engage with customers who are no longer in the office or attending events due to COVID-19. As a result, Sendoso delivered the Address Confirmation feature two months earlier than planned. The company has seen a "major uptick" in items from local merchants and eGifts like UberEats, CharityChoice and Grubhub, according to company officials.

Sendoso’s Address Confirmation feature enables teams to have recipients confirm their address before items are shipped from the Sendoso warehouse, merchant network or Amazon. Teams can automatically cancel the send if no action is taken. The Sendoso Choice feature allows teams to personalize bundles of several eGifts from various categories. Sales teams can send Sendoso Choice eGifts directly to prospects from the Sendoso app or Chrome extension, while marketing teams can automate sending via Marketo.

Sendoso Charity Choice eGifts allows a recipient to apply the gifted amount to a charitable organization. Partners include organizations caring for those impacted by COVID-19, such as American Red Cross, Meals on Wheels and United Way.

Medallia Partners with Veeva Systems

Medallia, a customer experience management software provider, has partnered with Veeva Systems, a cloud-based software provider for the global life sciences industry. Medallia joined the Veeva Technology Partner Program and integrates with Veeva CRM Suggestions. The integration between Medallia and Veeva will enable sales reps to foster more meaningful dialogues based on practitioner insights, according to company officials. Data from Medallia Experience Cloud is automatically imported into Veeva to drive intelligent action.