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We get a lot of pitches to pursue content around here, as you may expect. We may have a new favorite, and it was all but two sentences: “My son, Grant, has been writing in his journal and I wanted to share his work. It always makes me smile and I am hoping it will make you smile too.” And smile we did. 

The past couple of weeks, we’ve been fishing for “some good news,” as actor John Krasinki puts it in his now-famous YouTube channel SomeGoodNews, the news show “dedicated entirely to good news.” It airs new videos every Sunday night “while we are all self isolating at home to stop COVID-19.”

It was refreshing — and quite welcome — to view the pictures shared with us by Heather Karpinsky, mother of 7-year-old twins Grant and Gavin and founder of Baby A & Baby B, which sells products for parents of twins, such as twin feeding sets, out of Houma, La.

See for yourself, and you’re welcome for the smile:

Child's drawing illustrating playing with friends.

Child's drawing illustrating watching a Zoom conference call.

In some other good news …

Need a Virtual Hug?

Speaking of smiles, the cousin of the smile may be the hug. COVID-19 has been devastating in many ways. In times like these, all some of need is a hug. Kelli Pease, marketing director at San Diego-based Inspire360, recognizes that for all of us these days, the hug is just not in the cards. So she created a way to send some hugs virtually. “Soon after COVID-19 emerged, I started something called virtual hugs where I find people who are in need of some words of encouragement and gather together kind words from strangers to send to them,” Pease told CMSWire. “It's been amazing to see the positive effect it has on both sides, because not only does the person who receives the virtual hugs get a happiness boost, but the people who send in a nice note also feel like they've helped someone.”

Pease delivers the virtual affection through her website, The Happsters, a “blog about happiness” that focuses on the “four Gs”: gratitude, growth, giving and gathering. I focus a lot on these four elements of a happy life in my writing,” Pease, wrote on her website. “I’m all about supporting others, appreciating everything I have, continuing to learn and grow, striving to help others, and coming together as a community.”

An example of some of the love Pease has gathered to send to those in need through virtual channels:

an illustration with words of support.

NYC Mexican Restaurant Feeds Needy 

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has lauded the efforts of many New Yorkers who have worked together in times of great duress. His go-to hashtag on Twitter has been #NewYorkTough:

One example of the bond in New York City is through a Mexican restaurant that works with the community to feed those in need. It has a goal to deliver at least 1,000 meals daily for those through the generous donations of New Yorkers.

Tacombi, which has multiple New York City-based restaurants, launched the Tacombi Community Kitchen this week. It’s a non-profit initiative to help feed the local communities hit hardest by the coronavirus, with 100% of proceeds from meal sales goes to paying staff, purchasing supplies and to delivering meals to communities most in need.

Each day, one new Mexican recipe will be offered to reach the most people affected by this crisis as possible, according to restaurant officials. For every meal purchased at Tacombi, all proceeds will go to preparing, packaging and delivering meals to communities in need and frontline workers. Donations are made here. Workers are currently operating out of the Nolita location in Lower Manhattan with a small staff to ensure the team works at a safe distance.

Workers from Tacombi Restaurant pick up bags of food to deliver to those in need throughout New York City.

Developer Says It’s on the House

Phoenix-based RED Development wanted to support its more than 100-plus employees and restaurant tenants during the pandemic. At its 16 mixed-use centers across the country, most of which are in Arizona, RED Development has been allowing company employees to order all of their meals for the day via takeout from open restaurants at any of its participating properties. RED employees can feed themselves, and their immediate family, multiple times a day for free through April 19. It began March 16.  “As COVID-19 continues to bring hardship to communities small and large across the country, we wanted to find a way to not only say thank you to all of our hardworking employees, but to also show our support for the tenants remaining open in these unprecedented times,” said Scott Rehorn, partner at RED Development.

“It is our hope that we inspire other businesses to help the community-at-large in any way they can. Our tenant restaurants have put together amazing and creative take-out programs, all while continuing to uphold social distancing and other practices to keep customers safe.”

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