Over the last several months we’ve seen rapid AI advancements across industries, including CX. Generative AI has opened up a huge number of new use cases for CX, allowing brands to connect with their customers on an entirely new level in the new digital era.

As AI continues to quickly evolve, it can be difficult for brands to keep up and figure out how best to respond. The time to invest in AI for CX is now. CX leaders can use the information below to help guide their decision-making in this critical moment.

Utilizing AI to Optimize Your Brand’s CX

When AI underpins brands’ CX technology, it allows brands to operationalize their own data leading to richer, more personalized customer experiences. AI capabilities will continuously learn from any new data that brands create, leading to ongoing improvements to brands’ CX operations and exceptional CX.

Generative AI turned into a major talking point in 2023 with OpenAI’s release of ChatGPT. Generative AI refers to a class of artificial intelligence techniques that are used to generate new content, such as text, images or audio. GPT (generative pretrained transformer), is an example of generative AI. GPTs are machine learning algorithms that can engage with and reply to input by generating human-like responses to answer questions or suggest ideas. This ability to create human-like responses is a game changer for customer service.

Here are some specific ways AI enhances CX:

Learning Opportunities

  1. Chatbots: AI, particularly generative AI, is driving smarter chatbots, allowing chatbots to better interact with customers in real-time, answering their questions and providing support 24/7. Generative AI adds a layer of semantics on top of CX AI to produce conversational responses. It can also help generate XML to train bots. This is further augmenting the self-service opportunities for brands.
  2. Personalization: Generative AI can analyze customer data and provide tailored recommendations and solutions, resulting in a personalized consumer experience. For example, generative AI can look at a customer’s purchase history to let the customer know of other products that they might be interested in. AI can also be used to guide agents in real-time during customer interactions, coaching agents on what to say to drive more personalized and seamless interactions.
  3. ROI: Generative AI can be used to help pinpoint brand-specific actions to elevate CX operations, uncovering automation opportunities and driving results. NICE’s Enlighten offers brands an easy-to-use interface to ask any question and receive a quick, accurate and clear response. This is made possible through the integration of generative AI into NICE’s Enlighten AI, powered by billions of recorded customer interactions, along with brand-specific language and guardrails. This capability can have a massive impact on a brand’s bottom line.
  4. Meeting the ever-growing need for additional skilled labor: Brands can harness AI to act as a powerful support tool for agents, helping guide interactions, driving more personalized coaching, and leading to better outcomes for both agents and customers. AI can be used to help offload more repetitive, mundane tasks from human agents. It can fill the gaps where businesses struggle to hire and retain staff.

Action Steps for Brands

Companies wanting to take their CX to the next level should invest in a single, cloud-native platform with a suite of the most advanced solutions underpinned by AI. In order for AI to be successful, data needs to be shared across a brand’s CX platform, its teams and applications. This eliminates data silos and allows for AI to be fed with the most current, accurate knowledge as it continuously learns from the data to drive better customer experience.

Generative AI alone is not enough for brands to see results when it comes to CX. Brands wishing to unlock the benefits of generative AI should combine it with specialized AI for CX. For example, as previously mentioned, generative AI like GPT can determine semantic intentions and create human-like responses. When this is combined with AI for CX trained using recordings or transcripts of the best customer interactions, it can help ensure brands are still following their own best practices. This way organizations can drive human-like conversations while ensuring responses are true to the brand, adhere to guidelines and act in the customer’s best interests based on best CX practices.

Want to Learn More?

NICE will explore strategies reshaping the future of digital CX at this year’s Interactions 2023, the industry’s premier customer experience (CX) event. The event will take place June 5-7 at the Javits Center in New York City. During the three-day conference, NICE executives, CX visionaries, industry analysts and top executives from leading brands will share best practices in Digital, AI, Self Service and WEM, exploring real-world examples of brands taking their CX to the next level. NICE looks forward to leading this pivotal conversation.

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