working out

Where have I been the last couple of weeks? I have been all over. And by all over, I mean, Las Vegas and Seattle.

First I was out at Las Vegas at the DEVintersection conference, where I got to do some fun stuff. Then it was out to Microsoft headquarters in Redmond (Wa.) for the MVP Global Summit — the annual thing where they throw us MVP's a bone.

It's like a class reunion: all the SharePoint MVPs and all the Office365 MVPs. They're all buddies of mine.

I've been an MVP for a decade, and a bunch of these other guys have been MVPs for a decade, so I've been hanging out with these people for a quarter of my life.

So the MVP Summit is just a great "getting to talk to everybody" again deal. It was a good time. And we get to talk to a bunch of the folks at Microsoft. I'd like to tell you what we talked about but it's all under NDA, so I can't.

I Fell In Love

But what I can talk about is some of the new hardware. So this was the first time that I got to see a bunch of the hardware the Microsoft announced a month ago.

There are some folks out there that had Surface Books, Surface Pro 4s.

One of the things I was most interested in was the Band 2. Now I wear the Band, and my band is doing the thing where the battery is starting to come off, and, I use my Band every day. It's my running device. I use it for phone calls and all that kind of stuff.

So when the band 2 was announced, I thought I would love to have one. But they're $250 and I don't know if it's a big enough improvement to merit that because as soon as the Band 2s went on sale, the price of the original Bands went down to $100.

That means my Band has almost no resale value whatsoever, so when I buy the Band 2, it's going cost me the full $250.

At the MVP Summit, a couple of folks had Band 2's and I tried one on.

It is absolutely worth it, 100 percent.

I Want One Now

So I spent the next 24 hours calling every place I could think of to get a medium Band 2, and they just don't exist in the wild. I ended up ordering one from the Microsoft store, which is going to ship next month.

But if you're a Band 1 owner, and you like it and you use it a lot, the Band 2 is a good upgrade. It just fits better, the batteries aren't in the band itself anymore, they're hidden someplace else.

The band is a little higher, but not distractively, and it just fits better. I loved it the minute that I put it on.

My buddy Matt McDermott, another SharePoint MVP, has one. When he let me try it, I was just going to run right out of the room with it because I'm taller than him and I can run faster than him, so I could have gotten away with it.

But then I realized my backpack was on the other side of the room, so I couldn't do it. But, yeah I ordered a Band 2, which will hopefully be here next month sometime.

Not So Unlimited

Microsoft announced it was changing some stuff with OneDrive for consumers, or what we all call here at the Todd Klindt SharePoint podcast, OneDrive for Pleasure.

So, if you guys remember, last October, October 2014, Microsoft put out a blog post on the OneDrive blog that said everybody is going to be unlimited OneDrive for consumer use. Last week they put out another blog post and said "um, ya know that thing we said about OneDrive for Pleasure being unlimited? Yeahh. We're not gonna do that so much. We are going to limit the unlimited."

And in the blog post, they cited the obvious things. Anytime anything is ever unlimited — storage or data on AT&T or shrimp at the buffet at Golden Coral, which isn't really unlimited either, as I've been told, multiple times, by very stern gentleman — somebody is going to abuse it.

Sure enough, somebody abused this.

Now let's keep in mind, they didn't start making the very first person unlimited until last year. We'll round up, we'll say 13 months ago.

Thirteen months ago is when they started this, and they started phasing it in, there was one user alone that had — are you sitting down? — 75TB of content in OneDrive for Pleasure.

What the Hell?

So, I mean there's the obvious oh my god, 75TB? Where did he get 75TB? So on and so forth. But what struck me about that was that he has 75TB in there in 13 months.

Let's do the math on how he got 75TB's up there in 13 months. I don't care where he got it from. How did he get it up there?

If you do some really lazy math, it comes out to like a terabyte and a half upload each week. I can't even wrap my mind around these numbers. A terabyte and a half every week, for over a year. Every single week without missing a beat.

Holy crap, that is amazing. So, I assume it was DVD backups or what's the thing — Linux ISOs ... yeah, I assume it was 75 terabytes of Linux ISOs.

My cable modem has a monthly cap  of 1TB and I never come anywhere near it, even with my cloud backups and all that kind of stuff.

So, this guy clearly must have been uploading from 14 locations. I just can't even begin to wrap my head around that. But he spoiled it for the rest of us, so Microsoft said we're not doing the unlimited thing anymore.

They also did say, and I love this, that the 75TBs was 1,440 times the average user. Ha, yeah, we get the fact that that's way over average but one-thousand-four-hundred-forty times as much.

Enough Already

So anyway, Microsoft said no more unlimited. That sounds reasonable, but then it doubled down. I was sympathetic when I read that, but then it added "remember how when you signed up for OneDrive you got 15GB for free? Yeah we're not gonna do that anymore. Now you get 5GB for free."

I thought, wow that's spectacularly crappy. That's completely unnecessary. That sucks, and then they said, "oh and uh, we had this deal where if you set your phone to automatically upload your pictures to OneDrive for Pleasure, we would give you another 15GB ... yeah we're gonna take that away too, so don't get too comfortable with that."

I understand taking the unlimited thing away. You just can't trust some people with unlimited, but not grandfathering in the 15GB people and the camera upload people — ughhh. I'm a Microsoft apologist. I'm wearing a damn Microsoft shirt and I don't even have to be. But I'm having a tough time explaining that one.