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MAPP-ing Marketing Transparency

For any company with marketing practices that would make a better door than a window, Rocket Fuel just introduced MAPP – Model Audience Placement Performance – something the company claims will “set the standard in marketing transparency for its programmatic marketing platform customers.”

According to Monte Zweben, interim CEO of Redwood City, Calif. based Rocket Fuel, the new platform “can provide our clients far deeper insight into the key success elements of their campaigns than that offered by any other programmatic marketing provider.” Those key elements include: model learnings, audience insights, ad placement and performance.

Rocket Fuel customers will have access to the following benefits:

  • Model Transparency: Customers will be able to see Moment Scoring work in real time via the forthcoming Model Learnings report
  • Audience Transparency: Customers can see how individual target audience behaviors are performing against campaign goals across three important areas: who a campaign is reaching, confidence that ads are being delivered to real people, and consumer profiles across all the devices they use
  • Placement Transparency. Customers can see where a campaign delivered and what it costs, with a detailed site list and viewability insights
  • Performance Transparency. Customers can see in real time how a given campaign is performing against its goal, as well as detailed insights into conversion

(Nikos Acuña, director of business strategy at Rocket Fuel will be speaking at the DX Summit in Chicago on November 3 and 4. Find out more here.)

Jive’s Community Spirit

Jive Software this week updated its external community solution, Jive-x. According to officials, the next-generation solution features expanded capabilities "to activate brand advocates” and “build brand awareness, drive sales and increase revenue.” This comes on the heels of an update of its internal collaboration platform for enterprise and SMB’s, Jive-n and the Jive-w app suite.

Key features of the release include:

  • Rewards to increase brand awareness
  • New engagement features
  • Optimizing community performance

It also introduces a new spam prevention service for community administrators that works in conjunction with Jive’s current anti-spam capabilities.

Jive screenshop

Raising Analytics IQ?

What’s your content analytics IQ? Talkwalker now has an app for that. This week the Luxembourg-based social data intelligence company released the Content Analytics IQ App which officials state is designed “to help marketers use social media data to bring in more, higher quality leads from their content marketing efforts” and create content which is tailored to the interests and needs of their target audiences.

According to officials, marketers can use the app to:

  • Improve targeting by using social trend data to customize content by channel
  • Optimize content visibility by finding the best time to post on each media channel
  • Refine content strategy by using KPIs to identify the content that performs best in your industry
  • Amplify the reach of your content by unearthing the top influencers in your field

“Marketers need intelligible social media data in order to understand exactly what kind of content they should be posting on each channel for maximum effect," said Todd Grossman, Talkwalker CEO Americas, based in New York.

Subscribers will have immediate access to the new IQ App.

Hyland’s LawLogixal Acquisition

Westlake, Ohio’s Hyland, creator of OnBase, announced this week acquisition of immigration and compliance solutions LawLogix from PNC Riverarch Capital and Akoya Capital Partners – headquartered in Pittsburgh, Penn. and Chicago, respectively.

While the terms were undisclosed, Phoenix-based LawLogix will operate as a division of Hyland with Ryan Kelly leading as president, and will continue sale, support and development of Guardian and EDGE product lines. According to Kelly: “Joining forces with Hyland greatly benefits LawLogix and our customers.”

Picturepark Connector Worth a Thousand Assets?

When users of Kentico look for their DAM connector, one might wonder if the DAM jokes will ever go away. (Obviously not today...)

In this case, those users are referring to Picturepark’s new integration with Kentico, which “provides on-demand access to digital assets and metadata,” such as images, streaming video, PDFs, etc. all available for Kentico websites from the Picturepark Cloud.

Some features of the integration include:

  • Direct access to approved content and metadata
  • Kentico media libraries from Picturepark collections
  • Stream Sorenson-rendered high quality video
  • On-the-fly image editing
  • No more content silos
  • No additional accounts required

Ramon Forster, CEO of Switzerland-based Picturepark stated: “Kentico makes the development of websites easy, while Picturepark can feed those websites with approved assets referenced from a single, organization-wide repository.”

Learning Opportunities

Petr Palas, founder and CEO of Kentico, headquartered in the Czech Republic, said the deal gives Kentico users greater capabilities.


Advisory Team looks at the Bigger Picturepark

And if anyone is wondering where the DAM CAT is, they can look once again to Picturepark.

The software maker announced this week the formation of a Customer Advisory Team to increase collaboration between employees and customers, with the goal of “involving customers in the development of new product versions, and to enable them to discuss with Picturepark and one another ideas and tips.”

Members of the team from the company will include lead developer and Picturepark creator, Urs Brogle, UX designer, Uros Savic, service executive, Victor Zebert, global marketing director, David Diamond, CEO, Ramon Forster and Product Manager Olivia Schuett.

The team, according to Schuett, will be most useful in facilitating conversations concerning feature requests with both the requester and other customers in order to: “see where Picturepark is headed.” She added: “I think this will be valuable for all involved.”

Membership on the team is free and open to all current Picturepark customers. More information and the DAM CAT sign up page can be found here.

Anyone think they chose the name just so it would spell out that acronym?

Can IT Teams Rise to 2016 Challenges?

Think the Ironman Challenge is rough? Try the IT Team challenge. According to the results of a recent survey by Ipswitch, IT professionals regularly deal with at least eight challenges – and those are just the top eight.

In fact, as stated by company officials: “IT teams wage a battle behind the scenes every day to enable today’s connected digital businesses.” After a global survey of 2,685 IT professionals, Ipswitch released the findings in a report, “The 8 Issues Derailing IT Team Innovation,” and will use the major themes as part of a virtual conference, Ipswitch Innovate 2015 Summit, which will be held Oct. 21 and 22.

According to respondents, the categories (with percentages of responses) include:

  1. Security (25 percent)
  2. IT Infrastructure and Application Performance Monitoring (19 percent)
  3. New Technology, Updates and Deployment (14 percent)
  4. Time, Budget and Resource Constraints (10 percent)
  5. Business Issues (7 percent)
  6. Data Management and Storage (6 percent)
  7. Device Management and End User Issues (5 percent)
  8. Automation and Reporting (4 percent)

“Behind every business-critical application that serves as the lifeblood of modern commerce, companies rely on IT teams to keep them up and running 24/7,” said Jeff Loeb, CMO of Lexington, Mass. based Ipswitch.

And they don’t even get a fancy trophy at the end of their shift.

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