Extensis today announced the release of Extensis Portfolio 2017, the latest version of its digital asset management (DAM) solution.

With this release, Portland-based Extensis aims to bring the benefits of DAM to “new industries,” with new features including file compression, file-zooming, geo-referencing, map views, rights management and advancements in image recognition capabilities.

Extensis Portfolio 2017 at a Glance

According to company officials, “Portfolio 2017 is a modular system that is built to grow with an organization’s needs, integrate with their business systems and connect with leading edge technology and standards from industry partners and affiliates, including Clarifai, FADEL, LizardTech, Adobe, e-Spec, IPTC and Workfront.”

Here’s what Extensis Portfolio 2017 brings to the table in terms of features:

  • Advanced File Compression: To save storage space and expedite file sharing, Extensis Portfolio 2017 allows users to compress raw images to one twentieth their size with no noticeable change to the human eye
  • Powerful Zoom Technology: Portfolio 2017 brings about robust zoom and dynamic panning technology which give displays minute details of high resolution assets, even in preview mode
  • Geo-Referencing: Tagging assets with GPS metadata gives users new insights by tracking their location and seeing them pinpointed on a world map
  • Rights Management: The new FADEL Rights Cloud Connector for Portfolio quickly displays asset usage rights, removes workflow bottlenecks and prevents copyright violations
  • Advanced Smart Keywords Control: First introduced in 2016, Portfolio Smart Keywords automates keywording with advanced image recognition technology from Clarifai, an artificial intelligence-driven image and video recognition API. In the 2017 version, Smart Keywords offers specialized category engines, more languages and the ability to adjust settings for improved results
  • A Drag and Drop Interface: Portfolio’s new desktop client allows users to drag and drop files between Portfolio and creative apps, folders and desktop
  • Server Side Scripting: Users can create custom scripts to meet their specific workflow needs that are as easy to use as a program feature — such as finding duplicates or sending emails to users when metadata is updated

Check out the full Extensis Portfolio 2017 feature list.

Extensis’ Ongoing Mission: 'To Advance the Practice of DAM'

In a statement, Toby Martin, vice president of development and strategy at Extensis, commented on how Portfolio 2017 fits into Extensis’ longterm mission:

“Extensis’ ongoing mission is to advance the practice of DAM. From making it usable for organizations of all sizes, to early investments in game-changing technologies such as artificial intelligence, our goal is to elevate the value and impact of digital assets,” he said.

“With Portfolio 2017, we’re propelling this to the next level by introducing high-quality file compression, powerful zoom and mapping capabilities. These features will open new possibilities for the traditional DAM market, and extend the value of DAM into new workgroups and industries such as Geospatial, Infrastructure, Departments of Transportation, Tourism, Agriculture, and Engineering, to name a few,” Martin continued.

Extensis Portfolio 2017 is available immediately in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Japanese. Existing Portfolio users with a current annual service agreement (ASA) will receive product upgrades free of charge.