PARIS – With a little over a month before OpenText pushes Release 16 onto the market, OpenText President and CEO Mark J. Barrenechea arrived here to outline the information management vendor’s vision of a digital world.

Digital and digital transformation is not a vague concept for C-Suite executives to mull over at lunch, but a very real challenge facing enterprises globally, he said.

Digital Disruption

OpenText’s answer to the problem of digital transformation was sketched out at last year’s Enterprise World conference under the title Blue Carbon. There, OpenText pointed out that Blue Carbon is all about processes and automation.

The first process that enterprises need to get right is content capture and its the automation. The second is automating additional processes around content and then, automating all the processes around governance

The OpenText Innovation tour that is currently passing through some of the world’s biggest cities is designed to fill in any holes and answer questions about the OpenText digital message for current and potential customers.

At the end of the day, Barrenechea told the audience in Paris that all organizations are information organization and the digital revolution is already happening.

“Digital disruption is here. It’s not next year, it’s not tomorrow, it’s now. We saw the digital future four years ago,” he said.

Release 16

Release 16 is a practical solution or platform that aims to meet enterprise needs.

“We think digital is a revolution is a revolution of three extremes. Those three extremes are extreme automation, extreme connectivity and extreme computing,” Barrenechea said.

 In a blog post before the tour, he pointed out that while digital is impacting every aspect of enterprise IT infrastructure, achieving balance between supporting new business models (the business) and delivering support and services (technology) is hard.

“To survive in the digital world, radical shifts will be made in enterprise architecture, core IT competencies and development approaches,” he wrote.

OpenText Suite 16 and OpenText Cloud 16, due for release next month, will help drive that digital transformation and enable customers to better manage information, better integrate their business networks and make better business decisions with analytics, for a better way to work.

Release 16 consists of four on-premises suites, and a cloud offering, including Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Business Process Management (BPM), Customer Experience Management (CEM) and Analytics, as well. Each suite comes with a set of integrated products that together offer customers a complete solution to meet information and digital challenges, Barrenechea said.

The cloud-based offering, OpenText Cloud 16, includes content, process, experience, analytics and business network suites.

Learning Opportunities

Digital Platform

The development of Release 16 is a direct response to what OpenText’s customers have said they need to build their digital experiences. It also includes the addition of analytics through Actuate, which OpenText bought in January.

The five suites provide a single platform on which enterprises can build their digital strategies.

“When we look to digital we see that EIM (Enterprise Information Management) is one platform and the next generation of digital apps should be built on it,” Barrenechea said

He also points out that with this new digital world there will be new business models and that digital businesses will succeed in cutting out the middle channels between service providers and customers.

Barrenechea also noted that while the Internet of Things (IoT) is producing vast amounts of data, storage of that data is going to be a major problem.

He added that OpenText is in an ideal position to provide that storage through it global data center network, as well as offer enterprises that are operating on the IoT analytics to provide insights from that data.

OpenText Chief Marketing Officer Adam Howatson pointed out that Release 16 tackles fundamental changes in enterprise information management and how enterprises will be forced to think about information.

"The five platforms connect the content, processions, analytical insights in broadcast messaging right through to the digital customer experience, web management and e-commerce integration, “ he said.

Over the next three to give years, Howatson says, OpenText will be building around Release 16 to provide enterprises with a way of digitizing every aspect of their business as well as ensuring that the data that results from this digitization is managed effectively through OpenText’s information management offerings.