LAS VEGAS — Some 2,000 people from 43 countries are gathering at the MGM Grand here this week to explore the possibilities of enterprise information management "and the role OpenText can play in achieving success for your company."

The latter boast, of course, is not surprising since they're here to attend the 17th annual OpenText customer conference, Enterprise World 2015.

With Las Vegas as the backdrop, the six-day day event includes training and workshops, breakout sessions, an expo, Partner Summit and Innovation Lab. SAP and Deloitte are serving as Platinum Sponsors and hosting a number of events including keynotes and breakout sessions.

The main event starts today after two-days of pre-conference sessions.

Prepare for the Digital World

Enterprise World gives customers the opportunity to hear from OpenText leadership and their partners on how to prepare for the “next decade in a digital-first world,” according to executives at Waterloo, Ontario-based OpenText.

OpenText CMO Adam Howatson called it a unique conference that will help ensure attendees have the strategies and technologies they need to succeed. “The strong relationships we have built within our partner community help set us apart. Working together we complement each others' solutions to bring the tools needed to truly enable a digital world for our customers.”

The conference also gives OpenText an opportunity to showcase its software and announce new products and updates. CEO Mark Barrenechea is scheduled to make a major product announcement tomorrow about Project Blue Carbon.

The announcement, which will focus on the OpenText EIM Cloud 16 and Suite 16, the OpenText Business to Business Network and OpenText Big Data Analytics, is being promoted as "the largest and most important event in the history of the company."

Cloud Happy

“A lot of what we do is driven by our customers and by customer demand. The other side of it is this competitive landscape. Every customer contact in this kind of environment is valuable to us,” Lubor Ptacek, OpenText VP of Product Marketing told CMSWire. “They are also interested in seeing us succeed as a vendor and a strategic supplier so I think what we are delivering this year reflects a lot from what we heard last year.”

Ptacek said the cloud will have a huge presence at the conference.

Learning Opportunities

“Cloud is a big part of our business today and our customers will absolutely see this. They will also see how we actually think through their eyes. We will definitely be talking about our cloud strategy and how we can help customers figure out what will go on the cloud and what will stay on the premises.”

Marci Maddox, OpenText senior director of product marketing, said OpenText will highlight the conference theme — creating a better way to work — by focusing on innovation, engagement, productivity, insight, control of content and analytics.

“We’re trying to bring awareness to the entire customer base. What is the digital experience and what does OpenText do to provide that?” she said. “Understanding a customer’s journey is where a lot of our breakout sessions are geared.”

Transformative Phase

From a technical perspective, talks will include a digital strategy and how their clients can create one that’s broader while maximizing a lifetime customer value.

Founded in 1991, OpenText claims more than 100,000 global customers.

Late last month, the company released its fiscal 2016 first-quarter financial report. OpenText's sales fell more than expected, but bottom line didn't decline as much as expected. In addition, OpenText CEO Mark J. Barrenechea remains confident the company can take advantage of new opportunities — and claims "fiscal 2016 will be a transformative year for OpenText."

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