OpenText is extending the integration of its Digital Asset Management (DAM) product with SAP hybrid solutions — a move it boastfully claims "heralds a new era of unified customer experience" that will propel companies beyond the capabilities of traditional CRM solutions."

But beyond the hype and marketing claims, what does this partnership mean? 

Two OpenText execs — Robert Thiele, senior director of Strategic SAP Alliance Management, and Lubor Ptacek, VP of Product Marketing — said it means users will get a fully integrated omnichannel application. All of the pieces have been pulled together to create a seamless digital experience out-of-the-box, one that integrates DAM with CRM components, customer engagement management, analytics and customer experience applications.

This could be an option for companies that have had the "incredibly painful experience" of executing a best-of-breed strategy.

“To succeed you need to have seamless channel integration for the customer. You need to have the information available from a single source, you need to have everything tied together all the way to the back end, and you need to have compelling content.”

Optimized omnichannel experiences provide customers with a unified message across all channels, he added.

A Single Source of Truth

This is the latest in a series of integrations between OpenText and SAP hybris, a Zug, Switzerland-based provider of enterprise multichannel e-commerce and product content management (PCM) software. SAP acquired it in August 2013.

Initially, OpenText partnered with hybris Commerce, which integrates an array of customer touchpoints, including online, mobile, point-of-sale, call center, social media and print, into a onto a single platform. By combining Commerce with OpenText's DAM product, users got a way to manage all of their related digital assets.

“Like any other e-commerce application hybris Commerce is driven by digital assets and media. Those assets need to be managed, they need to be organized," Thiele said. 

Learning Opportunities

The new announcement builds on that integration by extending OpenText DAM to hybris Marketing suite, which enables real time contextual marketing and options to personalize customer interactions, and the hybris Customer Experience suite, which enables retailers, resellers and manufacturers to provide contextual experiences to their customers.

OpenText's DAM product includes modules for brand management, media management, text management and video management. OpenText and ADAM Software were the only leaders in Forrester's Wave for DAM For Customer Experience.

“Extending the integrations gives us the ability to offer a single holistic view of relevant data and content that reduces content inconsistency across the enterprise,” Ptacek said.

“Any OpenText solution that uses rich media is taking advantage of this repository. We've already integrated it with many of our other offerings —  with our process suites, with our archiving solution, with our web experience management."

Over the coming months, OpenText plans to expand its integrations even more with both SAP and other vendors, including Microsoft.

OpenText will also be looking at more channels, and providing more kinds of content to those channels, Ptacek said.