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Partners in Personalization

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With consumers spending more time online than ever before, now is the time to engage them with highly personalized, relevant content.

It’s official: people are spending more time online than ever before. In 2020 alone the amount of time people spent consuming online content doubled, from a little over three hours to nearly seven hours a day. With consumers spending so much time online, now is the time to engage them with highly personalized, relevant content. In this environment, [24]7.ai creates highly contextualized, personalized customer experiences, making it easy for partners to deliver client success.

One of [24]7.ai’s partners is Red Comma Media, a full-service media buying and planning agency out of Madison, Wisconsin with regional offices in Minnesota and Georgia. “We’ve been working with [24]7.ai for several years and as a partner they’ve gone above and beyond,” says Mitch Wehnes, media planner and buyer for Red Comma Media. “They understand how we can provide value add to our clients and work with us to deliver exceptional out-of-the-box advertising.”

When Red Comma Media’s clients were looking for unconventional ways to deliver personalized messaging to their customers, they turned to [24]7.ai for help.

Understanding Where the Client Is Coming From

When starting out with personalized messaging, it’s important to understand what clients are looking to achieve through personalization efforts. Do they know why their customers click on ads? Do customers want to be taken to the client’s website, or are they looking for more granular information, such as the location to the nearest store? “Some of our clients are CPG food brands, looking for a media solution that can deliver personalized messages to consumers,” Wehnes says. “They ideally want to measure the impact personalized messaging has on offline sales. We’re able to do this through our partnership with [24]7.ai.”

Knowing What Customers Want

While consumers can be fiercely loyal, they’re also choosy when it comes to the brands they interact with. Getting consumers’ attention with relevant messaging is critical to increasing sales and developing brand loyalty. While there’s some aspect of a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to standard ad banners, personalization is essentially the opposite (This does mean a bit more work on the part of creative teams, to identify the personas each client wants to reach and create contextually relevant content for them).

Suitability is critical when it comes to delivering personalized messages. “No one wants to be inundated with ads that aren’t relevant to them,” Wehnes says. The data agrees. Nearly 70 percent of consumers are more likely to check out an ad that’s relevant to the content they are viewing at the time.

Learning Opportunities

Speaking the Language of Tangible Metrics

One of the biggest benefits of the partnership between [24]7.ai and Red Comma Media is the ability to capture and report on tangible, bottom-line metrics that can easily be presented to clients. “Sales metrics are crucial to getting client buy-in,” notes Wehnes. “At the end of the day, our clients want us to show how our personalized ad campaigns have moved the needle of their bottom line. Through our partnership with [24]7.ai, we’re able to show that personalization has had a measurable return on investment for their ad spend.”

For Red Comma Media, the ability to deliver bottom-line metrics through their partnership with [24]7.ai has been critical to client success. “Thanks to our partnership with [24]7.ai, we can look at a client’s pre- and post-sales lift and easily compare the difference,” says Wehnes. “This allows us to go to the client and say, ‘Here’s the final sales results between the control stores and the ones that received [24]7.ai support.’ Being able to see and report on the correlation between sales numbers and personalized messaging is great for our clients; they appreciate the metrics we can track and report on with these ad campaigns. While they might have been initially skeptical about this kind of hyper-personalized marketing messaging, once they saw we could report on sales data it really piqued their interest.”


When it comes to personalization, customers are looking for messaging that’s contextually relevant to them, while clients are looking to leverage personalized campaigns into bottom-line sales increases. Through their partnership with [24]7.ai, Red Comma Media has been able to do both. “While it’s one thing to have the capability to deliver on personalization, it’s quite another to identify and hit specific benchmarks, instead of setting benchmarks arbitrarily,” Wehnes says. “For our clients’ customers, we’ve been able to deliver relevant information at their point of need. For our clients, we can show how that information translates into bottom-line sales increases. It’s been a fantastic partnership with [24]7.ai and I’m looking forward to it continuing.”

See how [24]7.ai can deliver amazing personalized experiences for your business at 247.ai.