Solana Beach, Calif.-based Seismic, provider of a sales enablement solution, has upgraded its platform with the addition of a new marketing content suite.

The Marketing Suite, according to Seismic CEO Doug Winter, will provide marketers with the content they need — when they need it — to close off sales.

It will also offer insights into what content sales people are using, how they are using it, how they are customizing it and, ultimately, whether that content is successful or not.

Seismic-ly Agile

Seismic is part of a new breed of agile content management vendors working in a marketing content space. In the not too distant past, that space was the sole domain of company's like EMC’s Documentum or OpenText.

In fact, Doug Winter, along with a number of the other founders of Seismic, all worked with content communication management vendor Document Sciences, which EMC bought in 2008 for $85 million. The DocScience suite was swallowed by EMC's Content Management and Archiving division and finally ended up as part of the Documentum stack.

Other agile vendors that spring to mind here include Alfresco and relative newcomer Docurated, whose sales platform give marketers a birds-eye view of content no matter what repository it is stored in.

Marketing Content

Seismic was created to solve a problem for marketing departments: getting relevant content to salespeople when they need it.

“It is aimed at creating, maintaining, delivering and monitoring the content that the sales teams use,” Winter said. That makes the marketing department more efficient, he added, noting:

“We all come from a traditional content management background. What we found was that most of the solutions that were supposed to be aimed at the marketing and sales teams were really for the back office. They were IT heavy and on-premises. They generally took up to two years to install before they were up and running and they cost a lot of money.”

Seismic was founded in 2010 and issued its first release in 2011. It secured $5 million in Series A funding in 2013 and $20 million in Series B funding last year. In addition to its headquarters, the company has offices in Boston, New York City and Melbourne, Australia.

Building Sales Content

Today’s upgrades aim to give marketers an easier way of creating the content that is need for sales people, Winter said.

Marketers now have the tools they need to deploy customized, compliant content, as well as the ability to analyze how sales teams use that content, ultimately shortening the sales cycle,” he noted.

The new Marketing Suite supports the entire content lifecycle, enabling marketing to be more efficient and scalable and sales to be more productive and effective. Its capabilities include:


Seismic has adopted its existing workflow application for the marketing suite. If all you have to do is share content "willy nilly, with no real security issues then you won’t need workflow," he said.

However, in highly regulated industries like banking or insurance, compliant workflows are required. Market Suite provides a complete audit trail of content from creation to use to storage


It provides real time visibility into content effectiveness, ensuring marketers are creating and serving up content that closes deals. Individual, team and document-level analytics with custom metrics allow marketers to see how content is being used in the field and remove unused or underperforming content. 

Content Profile

This enables users to create content for the best customer experience possible based around the customer profile. Using Seismic’s LiveDoc capabilities, marketers can pull data from CRM systems, spreadsheets and databases to ensure content is always up-to-date and relevant to the client experience, while shared and reusable content allows marketers to create and maintain single pieces of content and disseminate that content throughout the organization.