In recognition of its upcoming first birthday, mmhmm has a launched preview of several new features and mused upon the last year in a recent blog post:

"We’ve helped entrepreneurs shift to video and flourish with more engaging presentations. We’ve given teachers a stage that allows every student to take a seat in the front row. We’ve provided employees the power to use asynchronous interactive recordings to kill unproductive meetings. We made quick-draw GIPHY jokes possible, just because we could."

What is Mmhmm?

In 2020, All Turtles, a mission-driven product studio launched mmhmm. It’s nearly impossible to guess what kind of product could be named “Mmhmm” but the explanation is pretty straightforward: “Mmhmm makes video calls less boring,” according to the website. That answers the question of “what?” and leads us to the next question: How? While mmhmm is a video product, it’s not a collaboration tool — it’s designed for enhanced communication. It’s sole purpose is to make presentations stand out with custom effects, backgrounds, and animations.

And now that its a year older, and (presumably) a year wiser, mmhmm is ready for another breakthrough with mmhmm Chunky 2.0, their blog post explains:

“In our latest update, mmhmm 2.0 Chunky divides your video into “chunks,” expanding your recording capability within those chunks so you don’t have to do a continuous long take. Each moment can be designed, streamlined, and performed to your exact standards so that you can present the ideal performance every single time.”

Learning Opportunities

The mmhmm Chunky 2.0 update boasts the following features:

  • Presets 2.0: Updated feature which allows users to apply settings to more than one slide
  • In-app streaming: Stream both live and prerecorded presentations directly from mmhmm.
  • In-app storage library: Save and find mmhmm files in the app; syncing files to the cloud is forthcoming in the near future.
  • Takes: Users can record and re-record erroneous takes easily.
  • Remix live and pre-recorded video: Users can choose between a live presentation and a pre-recorded chunk.
  • Copilot 2.0: a new feature that places two speakers in a single mmhmm stage. A chat companion can be teleported onto the screen next to you for a new way to talk one-on-one, or users can join a partner on the virtual stage for broadcast to many.
  • Loaf: a self-service home base for shared video communications
  • Mmhmm for iOS: a companion to the desktop version, as well as a standalone app with extra features.


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