Attracting the best candidates for your organization is one thing, but without an appropriate recruitment process, many recruiters are left feeling overwhelmed. According to Youtern, a large organization like Google receives approximately 75,000 applications per week — and it’s safe to assume that they aren’t sifting through those manually.

Applicant tracking software helps organizations narrow down the talent pool by assisting them in reviewing and ranking resumes before a recruiter sees them. In a report by Work It Daily, 75 percent of large organizations are now using applicant tracking software to help streamline their recruitment process.

To help you find the best solution, we’ve listed Capterra’s top user-ranked application tracking softwares with a five-star rating and a minimum of 10 user ratings.  

1. Betterteam

Betterteam lets you post your job openings to hundreds of job boards including Indeed, Glassdoor, SimplyHired and Jora. Plus, it allows you to manage and track your applicants from a single user-friendly interface that you can access via desktop, mobile or tablet device. 

The software also features a career page designer where you can create an easy-to-customize careers page for your company’s website. Betterteam is also integrated with Google Job Board, enabling your job postings to appear on Google search results.

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2. FileInvite

FileInvite was initially created to help organizations send file and document requests to their clients. But now, FileInvite comes with applicant tracking features that allow HR professionals and recruiters to conduct assessments, background screenings and candidate tracking. The files retrieved via FileInvite can be synced with cloud-based storage solutions such as Google Drive and Dropbox.

3. Recruiterflow

With Recruiterflow, you can source candidates from LinkedIn and other social media platforms via 1-click sourcing. The email management feature lets you reach out to candidates with a customizable email template with fields to personalize your message and send automated follow-ups to help improve your response rates. The report feature lets you conduct A/B testing to find out which email template is working best, and which one isn’t.

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4. Teamtailor

Teamtailor is presented as an all-in-one recruitment solution that helps you attract candidates, market your workplace and manage and track applicants. The career site builder lets you create a visually appealing and engaging career site that can be tailored to your company. You can also create a Facebook career page with Teamtailor’s Facebook app. Plus, Teamtailor also allows you to share job ads on various social media channels including Facebook and LinkedIn.

5. TalentWall

TalentWall is a candidate management software that was inspired by agile principles and best practices that transformed software development teams. TalentWall helps you to visualize the recruitment pipeline by breaking it down into individual stages (i.e. application review, recruiter screen, phone interview, face-to-face, references and offer) and tracking the applicant’s progress by dragging them from stage to stage. TalentWall’s interface aims is to encourage more transparency and collaboration between key stakeholders involved in the recruitment process.

6. CVMinder

CVMinder is a General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)-ready applicant tracking software that lets you automatically post job opportunities onto various job boards. It features a tailored application process where candidates can receive a personalized applicant journey. With CVMinder, recruiters are provided with the tools to sift through the candidates and pick the best ones quickly.

7. Emply Hire

Emply is a comprehensive recruitment solution that assists with planning, sourcing, interviewing and reporting. It allows you to source candidates from various social media platforms and websites as well as posting vacancies on suitable job boards. Emply can also help you to arrange interview slots for each shortlisted candidate and also store important documents about each candidate for both internal and external purposes.

8. Recooty

Self-dubbed as “The World’s Easiest Application Tracking System,” Recooty lets you publish job opportunities directly onto your website and manage and track applicants. Recooty is also integrated with Google Job Board, which allows your job postings to appear on Google search results. The platform also assists you with scheduling interviews.

What’s your go-to applicant tracking solution? Share your favorite in the comments section below.