Surprise, surprise: companies that use paper documents waste a lot more time than those that use digital applications.

That's the word from Software Advice, which just conducted a survey to determine the advantages of digitized documents. Software Advice is a Gartner company that reviews software and offers advice to potential buyers.

For this report, the company surveyed 576 US information workers. It concluded that workers in traditional offices spent about six hours per week just looking for reports, invoices, purchase orders, health records, notes and legal documents. They also spend an average of eight hours per week creating reports from paper documents.

In offices that have transitioned to mostly digital files, 30 percent of respondents spend less than an hour per week searching for documents. However, these offices are still struggling with some paper documents, including faxes (35 percent), notes to co-workers (35 percent) and legal documents and contracts (29 percent).

Do the Adobe Shuffle

Adobe announced a number of organizational changes yesterday. They were precipitated by the departure of Senior Vice President and general manager of the Digital Media business unit, David Wadhwani, who is leaving “to pursue a CEO opportunity,” according to a statement from the company.

Bryan Lamkin, Senior Vice President of Technology, Corporate Development and Document Services, will move to head of the Digital Media business. He will be responsible for aligning Creative Cloud and Document Cloud product development as well as go-to-market initiatives.

Abhay Parasnis, who joined Adobe in July as CTO and SVP of Cloud Technology, will expand his current role. He will be tasked with driving the overall technology strategy, architecture and innovation as well as the integration roadmap for Adobe’s cloud services.

LibreOffice Impresses Italy

The Italian Ministry of Defense is abandoning Microsoft Office for the Document Foundation's open source option, LibreOffice. It plans to install LibreOffice on 150,000 desktops.

Learning Opportunities

The move follows the recent release of version 5.0. Italo Vignoli, director at The Document Foundation, said the latest version "represents the office suite that the project founders envisioned in 2010, capable of offering a superior interoperability experience to end users, especially corporate ones, and to compete head to head in term of features with the market leaders.”

DocuWare’s New Smartphone Hub

DocuWare has a new DocuWare Hub. Workers can use to securely store documents from other apps in DocuWare and work on them from their smartphones. The upload function also lets users send documents straight into the document management system.

As an example, users who receive an invoice via email can save it from the mail app into a DocuWare file cabinet or basket. If a file cabinet is chosen as the storage target, indexing can take place immediately to make it easier to find later.

Adlib To Change Content Management?

Document and data solutions provider Adlib Software unveiled details about its new project, Deep Insight.

Though the product is still in beta, Adlib executives claim the technology will "revolutionize" the way companies work with unstructured content.

The Deep Insight module will integrate with big-name enterprise content management systems to extract unstructured content using content mapping and other as-yet unspecified tools.