DX Summit - Digital Customer Experience Conference

When: October 21, 2020
Where: Your Home Office 

CMSWire’s Digital Customer Experience (DX) Summit conference brings together the world’s foremost leaders and practitioners who are defining the next generation of digital experiences and creating the organizations and teams that make them a reality.

Don’t miss your opportunity to join this elite community of digital practitioners for a two-day conference (see the agenda) filled with education, inspiration, technology demos and networking. Visit our about DXSfrequently asked questions, and why attend pages for more details.

DX Summit

DX Summit
Education & Inspiration

Learn from experienced industry leaders (see the speakers)

DX Summit
Premium Networking

Socialize with attendees from top Fortune 500 organizations

DX Summit
Innovation Theater

See the newest DX platforms, tools and technologies first-hand (meet our partners)

Our Speakers

Learn from leading practitioners, analysts and technologists working in healthcare, finance, CPG and more (see the speakers)

Stephanie Mehta
Fast Company

Shawn Weems
Hyatt Hotels Corp

Kristine Dery, PhD
MIT Sloan School of Managment

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DX Summit Tracks

DESIGN: A 2020+ Customer Experience

Design a human-centered digital experience practice, with a holistic focus on your users and their journeys.

BUILD: Tech Platforms + Fitness

Build an omnichannel tech stack that powers the organization to activate new services and growth, and strengthens digital capabilities.

INTEGRATE: Connecting People, Processes + Platforms with Excellence

Lead championship-quality teams, structure processes more effectively and drive strategic execution with a CX mindset that conquers legacy systems.

OPTIMIZE: Activating Data + Analytics

Rev up your DX engine and activate data to deliver new performance results through analytics optimization and DX tuning.

INNOVATE: Growth through Evolution

Identify the next opportunities to evolve as an organization, learn to grow and apply organizational ingenuity that builds revenue streams, revamp as your enterprise DX matures.

Ask Trey

Are there group rates?
Absolutely! Check out the pricing details for groups here

What's the official hashtag for DX Summit?
You can check out #DXS20 or follow DX Summit on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.


Past DX Summit Attendees

Don't Miss DX Summit

The CMSWire team is uniquely poised to bring you an exceptional conference.

With more than a decade of market experience providing readers the most important and up-to-date information and analysis, CMSWire delivers a unique perspective and an inspirational event with the world's foremost leaders and practitioners. 

Hear from industry leaders and analysts as they share the world’s best digital customer experiences first-hand through case studies, live tours and workshops. Discover the latest digital customer experience trends, best practices and research.

DX Summit will gather digital experience specialists from VoC experts to optimization managers to CX integration gurus. You'll rub shoulders with the thought leaders, decision makers, practitioners and analysts who are designing and delivering the most innovative global digital and customer experiences.

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