Inc. Womens Summit New York City 2016


At the Inc. Women’s Summit, you will join female business leaders and experts with diverse backgrounds, passions and pursuits for a day long program filled with conversation, business ideas and workable solutions. At the Summit you will:

  1. Surround yourself with and meet like-minded individuals
  2. Participate in a mixed-agenda format conducive for connecting, creating, learning and sharing
  3. Listen to veteran entrepreneurs share their successes and struggles
  4. Have your business challenges, concerns and questions discussed in an open forum
  5. Receive practical advice, solutions and innovative ideas to work into your business strategy
  6. Hear from business owners, entrepreneurs and experts during informative panel discussions
  7. Discover what it really takes to build a thriving, profitable business
  8. Identify growth strategies, business opportunities and resources for your entrepreneurial venture
  9. Uncover steps to expand your company in the midst of economic challenges
  10. Obtain valuable resources and services from exhibitors and business organizations

Speakers include Barbara Corcoran, one of the shark's on ABC's Shark Tank; and Melissa Ben-Ishay, president and Chief Product Officer of the New York City-based bite-size dessert company, Baked by Melissa.

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