In what could be called a sign of the times, AIIM (Association for Information and Image Management) is expanding its reach to content marketing and advisory services. 

Starting today, the Silver Spring, Md.-based community of information professionals is realigning to better address the changing roles and volumes of content. AIIM President John Mancini will assume responsibility for the new services. He will retain the role of president at least temporarily, but hand over the operating responsibilities of the organization to Peggy Winton, AIIM’s Chief Operating Officer.

Tony Peleska, AIIM Chair and CIO of the Minnesota Housing Finance Agency, will head a transition committee to map AIIM's direction and strategy going forward.

Changing Content Roles

The development is a response to dramatic changes in the content marketing space. "The traditional lines between structured and unstructured information — which served in the past to separate what was part of AIIM from what was not — have become so blurred as to be meaningless," Alan Pelz-Sharpe, Vice President at Digital Clarity Group, noted in a statement.

“Content has become so ubiquitous, voluminous, varied and critical to business processes that it is impossible to separate ‘content management’ as a separate discipline from business processes and applications."

Learning Opportunities

Mancini told CMSWire he is "shifting gears." He plans to help companies with their go-to-market strategies and content marketing strategies, as well as being much more externally focused on evangelizing the space.

Navigating the Market

Part of the new advisory role will be helping organizations navigate the increasingly complex content management market, notable in part for the volume of vendors in the space. He noted that it is easy for users to get confused, and added that vendors need help with their positioning and their messaging.

“The market for me is very unsettled. It feels very much like it did in the late '90s when e-business was starting to sweep through," he said, adding that he thinks AIIM has the resources to "help people sort through that."

AIIM will also continue to produce its regular research and reports.