dotCMS 5.0 was launched in August 2018, with the official press release stating that it gives, “marketing and business teams more autonomy to create digital experiences”. This revamped version of dotCMS includes a sizeable list of new capabilities which were explained in a blog post detailing dotCMS 5.0:

  • Drag-and-Drop Page & Layout Editor - Layouts are now tied to the page itself, making it easy to make changes to the layout without having to leave the page editor.
  • Drag-and-Drop Workflow Builder - Building on the "Four Eyes" approval feature from dotCMS 4.3, the dotCMS 5.0 workflow builder allows for multiple workflow schemes per content type.
  • Drag-and-Drop Content Type Builder - Users can now drag and drop from a list of fields to build out content types. Adding rows, columns, and changing the order of fields makes it easier to build out new content types, especially forms.
  • Enhanced Container Support - dotCMS now has full containerization capabilities. We consider this to be a huge improvement to the usability of the platform, containers can be used multiple times on the same page, leading to the decrease in the number of templates and the overall ease of management of templates, layouts and containers.
  • A New Reporting Module - integrates with Google Analytics to allow businesses to gain insight into their website right from the dotCMS Dashboard. This visualization of your web properties can be customized to show what insights are most important to your business.
  • ElasticSearch 6.1 Support - Empower your website or application with powerful ElasticSearch technology.

Via the official press release, dotCMS CTO Will Ezell remarked that the dotCMS team had made a company-wide decision to "make dotCMS the most user-friendly system in the marketplace... Marketing and business users spend a majority of their time in our authoring environment, which is why we decided to do a complete refresh of our Edit Mode. With a cleaner UI, new drag and drop features, and an added reporting module, dotCMS 5.0 follows our ‘NoCode’ philosophy, offering editors the autonomy they need to create without heavy reliance on IT,”  Ezell explained.

You can learn more about dotCMS 5.0 and upgrade via the dotCMS website.

Nuxeo Fast Track 10.2

Nuxeo have announced the release of Fast Track 10.2, which includes several new features and updates to the core Nuxeo Platform.

This latest release comes with enhanced capabilities for annotations where users can annotate office documents, PDFs, images, videos, and AutoCAD documents for both review/validation and for media enrichment. The latest release also features a new Adobe Creative Cloud connector to leverage the full capabilities of Adobe CC 2018.

Other notable updates and enhancements in Nuxeo 10.2 include:

  • Federation Blob Provider - The latest version of Nuxeo can now enable users to manage binary content “in place”. This means users can now manage content which is stored in an external ECM or EFSS system. In addition, the Nuxeo content federation has been extended to allow users to scale, search, manage workflows, and manage permissions without having to endure forced migrations.
  • Metadata Comparisons - Nuxeo’s Web UI has been updated to now offer the functionality of comparing metadata value right across multiple documents.
  • Identify Similar Content - 10.2 now supports “More Like This” type queries. This enables users to perform intelligent searches and produce search results that match any given content including images, documents, and other business objects.
  • Bulk Actions Framework - Users can streamline bulk operation thanks to the Bulk Actions Framework feature that has been built on a Kafta-based streaming infrastructure. The new framework allows users to execute multiple custom actions at scale.
  • Avro - Nuxeo Stream can now send Asynchronous Processing Messages in Kafta via Avro. Avro is a standardized process of allowing modern systems to communicate with each other. This enables any service to consume Nuxeo calls and messages in a standardized manner.

You can learn more about what’s new with Nuxeo via their website.

Enonic XP 6.15 Released

Enonic XP 6.15 is now available. The latest release comes with a brand new HTML editor, CKEditor, which is fully backward compatible and replaces the previous TinyMCE editor. Other notable features in the new release include:

  • Drag and drop capability
  • Double-click editing
  • Improved issues workflow
  • New keyboard shortcuts for previewing and publishing content
  • Updated duplicate content functionality.

More details about the release can be found in their release notes.

Enonic XP have also announced that this will be their last major version before the upcoming release of Enonic XP 7.0.

Liferay Announces Two New Courses for Liferay University

Following the unveiling of Liferay University last month, Liferay has announced two new courses on Liferay Analytics Cloud and Search, respectively. Just like all the courses on Liferay University, these new courses are completely free. An announcement about the two new courses contains further information

Liferay have also announced their first GA release of Liferay Project SDK Installer, a fully-fledged Liferay Developer Studio installer which installs Liferay workspace, blade, and Developer Studio. It also comes pre-bundled with the latest Liferay DXP server. Further information about the Installer can be found on their press release.

Furthermore, registration for Liferay’s annual conference, Liferay Symposium North America, is now open. The event will be held on October 8-10 in New Orleans, LA and will feature training sessions and presentations from a host of speakers, including Liferay CEO Bryan Cheung and Dr. Vijay Gurbaxani, Founder and Director of Center of Digital Transformation.

DNN 9.2.1 Released

DNN have officially launched version 9.2.1 DNN have also stated that all future releases will now be 100 percent community driven, starting with the 9.2.2 release which is expected to be launched in early September.

In other DNN-related news, the DNN Extension Verification Service (EVS) is now available as an open source solution, and the newest cohort of MVPs have been unveiled.

Learning Opportunities

Also, the DNN Summit 2019 has been announced and is due to take place in Denver, CO on February 19-23, 2018. Those who would like to speak at the event can submit their application via the event speaker registration page.

Magnolia and Siteimprove Developing New Plugin

Magnolia and Siteimprove are currently working on a new plugin. This new plugin will allow Magnolia CMS users to integrate the Siteimprove tool into the interface to improve SEO, web analytics, and content quality. See Magnolia’s news story for further details.

In addition, have also released a new content synchronization module for Magnolia which enables users to easily export content to a testing environment within the Magnolia CMS platform. See their blog post for further details.

Finally, Magnolia will showcase its latest capabilities for personalization and engagement optimization at DMEXCO on September 12-13 in Cologne, Germany. You can learn more and get tickets via the Magnolia at DMEXCO web page.

Tiki Wiki Announced Release Newest Groupware

The latest versions of Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware were released last month, including version 18.2, 15.7LTS and 12.14 Security. Further details can be found on their release notes.

Tiki have also announced that the developments for Tiki Wiki 19.0 is currently ongoing and is expected to be released in October 2018. Tiki have also provided further documentation which explains the planned features and improvements of the upcoming release.

And finally, TikiFest is taking place in Montreal on September 7-12 2018. More details about the event can be found on the TikiFest events page.

BloomReach Release BloomReach Experience 12.5, Hire New CMO, CFO

BloomReach unveiled BloomReach Experience version 12.5, which introduces a range of usability improvements across multiple features. This new version also does away with "double rebuilds for any out-of-the-box Essentials plugins." The latest version also improves the integration between Personalization and Relevance targeting, allowing marketers to, "use a single cookie for both."

You can learn more in the full release notes for BloomReach version 12.5.

In other news, BloomReach announced two new additions to its executive team: CMO David Hurwitz and CFO Dave Pomeroy. The official press release for the new hires gives further details.