Microsoft is making good on its promise to make productivity a key business strategy. It just added a number of additional productivity apps to the Apple watch and Android Wear.

This time, there's heavy emphasis on collaboration, with options like Outlook and Yammer for the  Apple Watch and OneNote for Android Wear.

Work Wherever

Microsoft wants to help you get work done through wearables that provide "relevant, personal notifications" to keep users focused through simple interactions.

This is on top of OneDrive, OneNote, PowerPoint, Skype, Yammer for Androids devices as well as a number from Sunrise and Wunderlist teams. 

Microsoft offers some of this already, including Cortana, on its own wearable device called Band. But now it's extending its reach to other platforms.

Outlook for Apple Watch is limited. However, it does keep you up to date on what’s happening in your inbox with notifications that enable you to browse and read full emails from your wrist. 

Users will also be able to take limited action by archiving, deleting, flagging or scheduling messages to appear later, or even to reply to them using pre-written quick responses.

Yammer for Apple Watch, when it arrives, will enable users to follow Yammer conversations and activities on the go and carry out a limited set of actions in response. 

Your can also transfer your Watch sessions to iPhone if you want to work on a bigger screen using Apple's Handoff technology, which allows users to transfer activities between Apple iOS devices.

Microsoft has also added its Translator technology to both Android Wear and Apple Watch. With it, users speak into their watch to get instant translations in 50 languages.

From a technology perspective these are interesting developments, but from a productivity perspective possibly not so useful. 

Functionality is still a bit limited and it also remains to be seen whether users are going to bother with wearables if they have the option of the larger screens of smartphones, which make the apps considerably easier to use.