Carrie Basham Young
Some people need coaxing to find their voice, to write the way that they speak.

Although I have not met her in person, my money says Carrie Young is not one of them.

Titles like "Tools, Schmools: It's Really About Community Management" tell the story — Carrie combines irreverence with an ability to cut to the chase. A charter member of Change Agents Worldwide, Carrie believes that social technology will continue to shape the way employees work and live. 

What’s your proudest accomplishment of 2015 (personal or professional)? 

This year I conquered a fear and joined a running team. I just started running three years ago, and I knew that the only way to get stronger and faster was to run with people who are much better than me — a place where I would be the most remedial. Fear turned into an addiction to the regimen, the challenge of teammates and their support. It's incredibly motivating and I am proud of how quickly I've improved.

What excites you about your field today?

I believe that everything's about to change again. I don't think that the current expression or embodiment of "enterprise social" is the right one. We're still learning how to evolve our work habits as technology brings us innovations and as companies slowly shift away from rigid hierarchies. I am excited to see what new, young vendors are building and how they'll help us shape our next move.

What inspires you?

I've started to make it a point to appreciate regular, everyday people who have done amazing things with their lives, but who aren't recognized for it on a global scale. Maybe it's a local business owner, a single parent or a neighbor who you didn't realize was once a refugee. These individuals have all done something meaningful to move forward from a tough situation. Learning about their stories and their strength to build and create is inspiring.

What personal or professional goal have you set for 2016? 

I haven't set goals yet! I recently had this realization that my son is 5 and he's not going to let me hold his hand on the walk to school for much longer. So I'm spending some time in the snow with him now, thinking about what I want our next few years to feel like, and work goals will fall into place sometime early next year.

If I had a magic wand and could change one thing about my industry it would be …

The overuse of buzzwords at the expense of execution. I believe that strategies are important. At the same time, we often fail to focus on the people who will take a 10,000-foot strategy and make it accessible for the masses. My magic wand would immediately put every "social strategy consultant" into the role of an active community manger for a week. The conversation would change quickly.