Success with a project is usually tied to finding the right person for the job. But this isn’t just about the skill set. Often, personality is more of a harbinger of success than knowledge or experience.

Amsterdam-based Teamily thinks it can make this challenge a little easier. The project management startup attempts to parcel out complimentary personality types with roles so your team churns along without issues.

Teamily profile

Teamily is led by CEO Raimo van der Klein, the founder of augmented-reality service Layar and CTO Gawin Dapper, the former CTO of Phonebloks, a modular smartphone platform. 

What’s Your Type?

CEO van der Klein outlined the thinking behind Teamily in a philosophically-minded Medium post that posits how people use different thinking processes to make decisions. The outgrowth of this is a questionnaire you fill out when first launching Teamily, which uses personality profiles like MBTI and Big 5 to give you a picture of where you best fit in the project management process.

I was deemed The Visionary, which according to my Teamily profile means I’m idealistic, harmonious, creative and original. This is laid out in a circular graphic that offers a snippet of the other traits — you can hover over them with the mouse to see how you compare.

I had a flat zero percent match with The Organizer, which means I’m apparently not structured, systematic or organized. Each type also has a name for what type of outcome is expected. (With The Organizer, it’s called The Accepted Order, which sounds like a secret organization bent on world domination.)

But this short process itself was enlightening and already indicated why team effectiveness is less about matching up skill sets and more about personality and individual strengths. Someone who is detail and goal-oriented is better at driving specifics, while someone more idealistic and who prefers abstract concepts should be in the goal-making role.

teamily project

A Clean Start, Room to Grow

The web-based platform is what we’ve come to expect from startup tools — it’s clean, minimalist and fairly easy to navigate. Yet there are a few places where the English translation is a little jagged (take the phrase, Creator of the Art and compositions, for example).

It’s fairly easy to take and assign out the various roles to your team members, who should also benefit from the visualization to see where they fall in the process. Teamily is also refreshing in that it doesn’t overwhelm you with new features right off the bat.

However, over time such a platform will be tremendously more useful if it can integrate with other services. 

I already thought about how I would love to be able to integrate Teamily data with something like Slack. You could, for example, assign a task or role to a team member and be able to instantly ping them with an @ mention or private message. Or for teams that use Office 365 or Google Apps for Work, some may want to tie-in files that better illustrate parts of the process.

Teamily has some good names behind it who have built successful services, which gives the new platform a lot of credibility going forward. It’s worth keeping an eye on or even exploring if you’re trying to wrangle a team together and want to make sure all the roles match up with the right personalities.