Glassdoor launched a revamped job experience on its site today, with the goal of greater transparency for those looking to replace their soul-crushing jobs with more fulfilling offers.

The new layout across the Glassdoor properties lets you apply more parameters to the type of job you’re after and puts the popular reviews feature front and center. The design, like so many apps and web sites, is drafted for consistency across desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

While the new experience is targeted at those on the lookout for jobs, employers need to pay attention, too. That’s because Glassdoor takes an approach that’s become popular among job market services — letting users rate their employers. Businesses, of course, are encouraged to use the site’s tools to best present themselves and sing their own praises to potential job seekers.

job view

The Future Job Bazaar

Glassdoor is one of many popular online destinations for employment matchmaking: Indeed, Monster, CareerBuilder and of course LinkedIn are all vying for employers and job hunters to invest their time and dollars in trying to pair up companies and those after a career upgrade.

Glassdoor in particular is touting how it is able to reduce the many pain points found in the online job search. The company, citing a study from the Brandon Hall Group that evaluated recruitment agency data, claims it takes half as many resumes for companies to find a hire through Glassdoor than a typical online job ad.

That mirrors much of the other research and analyst recommendations about the modern job search. 

Learning Opportunities

A Business News Daily report cites experts who describe a transition to a digital hiring model, whereby the resume itself is no longer a piece of paper that’s delivered to an office or sent as an email attachment - it’s more of a living document that is a testament to one’s experience and capabilities. As such, a company’s public profile through its web presence and ability to put an attractive face on such job seeking sites is a crucial piece of the effort to find quality employees.

Companies, Market Thyself

Companies who want to take charge of how they appear on Glassdoor will be able to purchase a Glassdoor Enhanced Profile or use sponsored job advertising to package together a more positive presentation. 

This allows businesses to hone in on candidates using Glassdoor’s profiles and integrate customized branding and messaging. A cover photo and video can help you put a splashy presentation for your nimble startup or publicly-traded company.  

The new Glassdoor experience launches in the US, Canada and UK today. The company said it plans to eventually bring it to other countries.