Rockville, Md.-based HyperOffice, a cloud-based vendor of communication and collaboration applications, is partnering with Verizon to distribute its communications suite from Verizon Cloud infrastructure.

The lets people conference, chat and share information from any collaboration system in private workspaces. It broadens HyperOffice's content, communication and collaboration software product line and can be used in conjunction with HyperOffice Social, HyperOffice Marketing Director Pankaj Taneja told CMSWire.

He said augments existing tools rather than replaces them.

Verizon's Cloud back up and sync offering lets users access and manage content across devices, at any time.

Extended Enterprises

The offering effectively extends communication tools across company firewalls. It also offers members of extended teams the ability to visually participate in a work flow across multiple modes of communication, regardless of their channel of preference.

The partnership with Verizon is a response to the digital transformation.

“Over the past few years we have witnessed a distinct shift in how work gets done. How work gets done is quickly shifting from internally focused teams, where employees of the same organization use the same collaboration platform,  to extended teams composed of employees, freelancers, customers and other stakeholders, all using different collaboration tools that need to work together,” Taneja said.

The primary tools available to these extended teams at the moment are email, ad hoc conferencing and a hodgepodge of third party tools, which may pose compliance and use challenges. works to solve the problem with chat, audio and video conferencing as well as data sharing from any source, including secure workspaces. Members can easily be added or dropped from those workspaces as the work dictates.

A Look at HyperOffice

HyperOffice was founded in 1999 by Drew Morris and Shervin Pishevar with lead angel investor Strategic Technology Investors.

It was an early developer of groupware, along with sites such as (bought by Microsoft) and (bought by AOL).

According to Taneja, HyperOffice teamed with Verizon because of synergy between its cloud-based communication technologies and Verizon's delivery capabilities. Moreover, the Verizon Cloud infrastructure is "an ideal platform" to deliver, with its enhanced security and performance capabilities for enterprises, he said.

“We integrate with file storage systems like Dropbox, Box, Google Apps, and Office 365 where people having a conversation in can quickly pull a file, an image or anything else into the conversation within a few clicks,” Taneja said.

“We are also constantly exploring new ways to add integrations to It is has been architected to be open and extensible, and act as a conversational glue in different enterprise contexts."

Taneja expects Verizon to rapidly scale HyperOffice  is also in talks with other potential partners to expand its global reach.

“We have a rich future road-map for, and hope to keep introducing e new functionality which makes it truly frictionless to bring people together no matter their channel of choice,” he added.

“More importantly, we hope to reach a stage where we out-simplify email.”